The Big Red is a fly that has been doing the business for some years now and one that seems to make those wily trout throw caution to the wind.
Fish the fly on its own to target individual fish – use a tapered leader. Also, try fishing the fly on the point, with some buzzers behind it, ‘washing-line’ style. 

Hook: Kamasan B400 size 10
Thread: Red
Body: Red seal’s fur
Breathers: White antron
Rib: Thread
Hackle: Natural game cock hackle
Hackle post: White antron

How To Tie The Fly

1. Clamp the hook in the vice and with touching turns create a base of tying thread, stopping opposite the barb. Leave a tag end of thread.
2. Take a generous pinch of Antron and secure along the body, so there’s enough sticking out, top and bottom, to trim.
3. Form an even dubbing rope with the seal’s fur.
4. Wind the dubbing rope in tight touching turns up to the thorax area, making sure there is no thread visible.
5. Wind up the tag end of the tying thread and secure and trim.
6. Now tie in another generous bunch of Antron and make a post.
7. Secure the hackle that will make the parachute.
8. Wind the hackle around the post three or four times, secure and trim the excess.
9. Add a pinch of dubbing, wind to behind the eye, whip finish and trim the Antron breathers and post.

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