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Week ending 4 November 2018

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Pitsford Water (boat) 10 November
call 01604 781350

Grafham Water (bank) 25 November
call 01480 810531

Rutland Water (bank) 2 December
call 01780 686441

Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;
Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,
Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105
Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021

Rutland Water
Fish 223 (Season 36,832) Returns 77 (7,410) Rod average 2.89(4.99)
Many specimen fish have been caught at Rutland Water by both bank and boat anglers. The biggest fish last week was a 10lb Brown caught and safely returned by tackle shop assistant Graham Hayward. This fish fell to a steadily retrieved booby off the fishing lodge frontage. Graham also had other Browns that day estimated up to 6lb. A number of quality Rainbows were caught around the 4lb mark. Toff Crowther and retail manager Neil Atkins joined Graham later in the day and added Browns and Rainbows to 4lb.
Nigel Savage took a boat out last Monday with good friend Simon Smith. The pair netted five fish down the South arm using minkies and floating fry. Four other fish were lost plus others missed in both patterns. Nigel caught and safely returned a 7lb 4oz Brown later in the day.
Brown trout record holder Tom Cooper fished the harbour on Sunday, encountering some nice Browns and netting a good 4½lb Rainbow.
Prospects from the bank are good with the harbour attracting a lot of anglers. However, there is plenty of shoreline to investigate with fry patterns appealing to the bigger fish.
The fishing lodge frontage is also proving popular with boat anglers but there are many areas to explore across the reservoir with fry patterns effective with the better fish. Good methods are blobs, mini lures and tubes. Nymphs are useful if the weather is settled and there is a hatch of buzzer.
Book now for the last matches of the season at Rutland Water – Rudder Match on 17 November and Rutland’s popular Fur & Feather (bank match) on 2 December. Please call the lodge on 01780 686441 for more information.
Winter restrictions
Winter restrictions came into play on Thursday 1 November and certain bank areas are closed to fishing ie Sailing Club onwards and left of the transformer all the way round to Dickensons Bay.
Also from 1 November no Brown trout to be taken, any hooked must be quickly unhooked and returned alive immediately.
During November our fishing lodges will be open 8am to 2pm 7 days a week.

Forthcoming events
Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
Anglian Water Rudder match 17 November
Rutland Water Fur & Feather (bank) 2 December.

Grafham Water
Fish 61 (Season 12,039) Returns 35 (2,764) Rod average 1.74(4.35)
Anglers have reported seeing plenty of fish in clearer water at the start of the week with many being tempted by fry and shrimp patterns. Wind direction is changeable resulting in the murky water moving around the lake making it hard for the fish to see the fly.

Predator anglers are also finding it hard with only Perch and the odd jack being reported. Bank anglers are finding the fish along from the sailing club to Mander car park again. Mornings seem to be the best time for some action on hares ears and lures.

Boat harbour at Grafham
With the water level continuing to drop there is very little water now in the harbour. We are noticing boats struggling daily to manoeuvre in the harbour as propellers are fouling in the silt. You will notice the engine labour and there will be little progress in direction of travel. Please take great care; a quick change of direction on the engine forward/reverse/forward can help but be prepared to punt your way in and out of the harbour. Rangers will be on the pontoon first thing and as the boats return and they will assist where possible. We request that all boats moor at the top half of the pontoon if it is unmanned and don’t be tempted to moor closer to the gate, you will get stuck. Please bear with us and we appreciate your patience.

Competition news

Grafham’s popular Fur and Feather bank match will be fished on Sunday 25 November. For more information or to book a place please call the lodge on 0480 810531.
We are looking forward to the return of the Shrimpmasters! Join us for this sociable bank league on six Sundays, starting in November and finishing in January. Be sure to practice your shrimp shuffle for this one!

Best Rainbow: Two at 3-4lb taken by Mark Searle and one 3-4lb taken by A Murren.
Best boat areas: Clear water and wind direction dependant, north shore mainly.
Best bank areas: North shore, Marlow Car Park and G marker, between Sailing Club and the lodge, Mander car par front.

Midweek boat winner: R Partridge of Ely, Cambs.

During November our fishing lodges will be open 8am to 2pm 7 days a week.

Forthcoming events
Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
Grafham Water Fur & Feather (bank) 25 November
Shrimpmasters bank league: Sundays 11 and 25 November; 2 and 16 December; 6 and 20 January.

Pitsford Water
Fish 384 (Season 11,977) Returns 82 (2,527) Rod average 4.7(4.7)
With a rod average for the week of 4.7 and lots of fish being caught in the 3-4lb bracket, both bank and boat anglers are finding Pitsford is in fine form.

Fish are gorging on fry, shrimp and snails both in the margins and out in open water. The small half of the lake is now out of bounds but fish are spread throughout the main body of the water.

There have been numerous good fish reported but James Punch deserves a special mention. James is enjoying his first season as a beginner. He has been bank fishing and caught and released two brown trout between 3 and 4lb which he described as stunning. Hank Needham had a brown estimated at 6lb plus. There were numerous Rainbows caught during the week around the 4lb mark.

Anglers are reminded that our Brown trout are now out of season until 1 April. If any are caught they must be returned to the water unharmed and as soon as possible to avoid damage.

Pitsford’s popular Fur and Feather boat match will be fished onSaturday 10 November please call the fishing lodge on 01604 781350 for more information.
Mid Northants Trout Fishers Association will be hosting an open taster session on Saturday 1 December 1-4pm.

Best Rainbow: 4lb plus taken by James Punch.

Best Brown: 6lb plus taken(and safely returned) by Hank Needham

Mid week boat winner: R Garrett.
During November our fishing lodges will be open 8am to 2pm 7 days a week.

Forthcoming events
Mid-Northants Trout Fishers Association offer taster/introduction sessions at Pitsford Water the next one is on 1 December 1-4pm.
Pitsford Fur & Feather (boat) 10 November.
Fly fishing for Pike 16 May to 31 January 2019
Predator Lure fishing 16 May to 31 January 2019

Ravensthorpe Reservoir
Fish 112 (Season 5,559) Returns 42 (1,048) Rod average 2.6 (5.3)
Both boat and bank anglers have enjoyed good sport at Ravensthorpe this week.
The fish have been concentrated in front of the lodge and anglers that have been able to get in the right spot have had some good sport.
Floating lines with small crunchers, buzzers and diawl bachs have been the best method.
The bank is also fishing well and the best methods are small buzzers, diawl bachs or small nymphs on floating lines.

Ravensthorpe Fur & Feather 4 November (boat).
Anglers fishing in front of the lodge enjoyed some good sport in this popular match.
1st Simon Lehane and John Castledine 8 fish for 17lb 7oz
2nd Terry Bayes and Ashley Cooper 7 fish for 14lb 1oz
3rd Frazer Duffy Snr and Frazer Duffy Jnr 8 fish for 13lb 3oz
The biggest fish – a 2lb 11oz Rainbow was caught by Richard Slater

Best Rainbow: 2lb 11oz taken by Richard Slater.

Best boat areas: In front of lodge.

Best bank areas: Platforms 4 and 5.

Midweek boat winner: S Payne.