Week ending 27 November 2016

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  • Roland rewarded with Grafham’s biggest fish of the season
    7lb Brown returned safely to the water by Roland Dean
  • Last call for Rutland Water’s fantastic Fur & Feather bank match
    Rutland Water 4 December call 01780 686441



Rutland Water 01780 686441; Grafham Water 01480 810531;

Pitsford, Ravensthorpe & Hollowell 01604 781350,

Taverham Mills Fishery 01603 861014; Alton Water 01473 589105

Recreation Dept Anglian Water 01572 653021



Rutland Water

Fish are being caught in many areas with Rainbows up to 4lb 8oz recorded.  Mr Bharuchi from Leicester managed 8 Rainbows whilst boat fishing last week.  Another boat angler, Les Cheeseman from Derby, had a cracking day with 6 Rainbows averaging 2½lb.


Brown trout are still coming out in good numbers.  Both bank and boat anglers are returning Browns of specimen proportions right up to an estimated 8lb.  Fish are feeding on sticklebacks, fry (perch and roach) with one or two Rainbows feeding on corixa.


There are quite a few bank anglers about on areas of the Peninsula, along Normanton, Whitwell Creek, the Dam, Old Disabled Bay and the Fishing Lodge frontage.  Adi Naylor of Uppingham found fish in a number of areas; in addition to Rainbows he recently returned a Brown estimated at 6lb.


It pays to keep on the move at this time of year as some areas not being fished from the bank ie Yellowstone, Inmans Spinney etc are being targeted by good numbers of Grebes feeding on fry.


Boat anglers are finding that fish are still close in over the weedbeds (which are still present in many areas, albeit sub surface). Again Rainbows of up to 4lb are being taken with Browns of up to 7lb.


Landing nets

One or two anglers have been fishing without landing nets and on hooking a fish have been dragged up the bank (and in certain cases, then released).  Use a net at all times and unhook the fish in the water and treat them with respect please.


Rutland Water will host its popular Fur and Feather bank match on Sunday 4 December.  Please call the Fishing Lodge for more information on 01780 686441 (open 8am to 2pm, 7 days a week).


Predator fishing

Steady numbers of Zander are being caught up to 6-7lb.  Some Perch and Pike are also being reported.


Forthcoming events
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Pike fishing with lure and dead sea bait 6 October to 31 January 2017
Please remember that Browns are now out of season and winter restrictions are also in place.

Rutland Water Fur & Feather (bank) 4 December


Grafham Water
Rod average 4.39

The best fish of the season at Grafham was landed and returned this week.  Roland Dean of Cambridge took the honours with a fantastic specimen Brown weighing in at over 7lb.  This was a just reward for all of Roland’s efforts this season.  The fish, landed from the bank on the North shore, was slipped back into the water unharmed and ready to fight another day.  Very well done and a fantastic bit of fishing.


Lots of angling pressure made things a little tougher earlier in the week but anglers enjoyed a great improvement in sport towards the weekend and the rod average was a very respectable 4.39 for the week.  On the right day you can almost double the average.


A tougher week on the boats has seen anglers switching to lures and heavier lines.  Intermediates are becoming popular with a slow fished retrieve.  Blobs and boobies are fishing well, particularly when the shrimp fishing tails off and anglers will find that the fish are in shallow water, but in the lower layers; a slow return on floating lines or using di5’s fished medium to fast may increase your chances.


Good areas reported this week have generally been along the north shore, but include Hill Farm, Rectory Bay, Farm Bay, Church Hill Bay, the middle (drifting), the Dam, the Willows, Sanctuary Bay, G Buoy, Gaynes Cove, Sludge Point, the Seat and Deep Water Point.


Bank anglers have had another fantastic week.  The sport has really picked up over the last few days particularly along the south shore.  Larger specimens can be found between Mander Car Park and the Seat, usually switching on early morning and mid afternoon, though don’t forget the North shore.  Although there has been a lot of pressure there are still some very good bags to be had.  The Brownies are really starting to show themselves along the shore lines with some great fish being landed regularly, normally tempted by a lure or shrimp.


A friendly reminder to all season ticket and day ticket anglers; would you all please remember to sign in and out of the fishery and wash down during your day out.  This is to comply with our bio-security measures.  Those disregarding the rules on a regular basis may run the risk of losing their season ticket/be asked to leave the fishery.  None of us want this so please follow the procedure. Thank you all for your co-operation.
Best Brown                              7lb taken by Roland Dean.


Best boat areas                        Perry Point, south Dam, Gaynes Cove, the Seat, Sailing Club Bay, G Buoy, the Willows, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm.


Best bank areas                       North and South Dam, Plummers, Mander Car Park, Deep Water Point, Hill Farm, Pylon Point, Harbour Arms, Perry Point, the Seat.
Mid week boat winner            Stan Brown of Cottenham.

Forthcoming events

Fly fishing for Pike to 31 January 2017 (subject to boat availability)

Pike fishing with lure & dead sea bait 1 October to 31 January 2017

Anglian Water Fur & Feather (bank) 27 November



Pitsford Water

Fish 91 (Season 15,098) Returns 34 (2,954) Rod average 2.6 (5.1)

Last week’s wet and cold weather deterred some anglers.  However, some bank anglers have reported some good sport with quality Rainbows being taken.  Paul Hopwell continues his good form taking a Rainbow of 4-5lb.


Boat anglers have struggled as the fish are still close in.  Predator boats continue to be popular.  We haven’t had any recent reports of big fish.

Please note that some boats will be available at Pitsford through to the end of January 2017 (booking is essential).  From 1 December boats can only be collected between 8am and 9am so please arrive during this time frame.

Best Rainbow                           4-5lb taken by Paul Hopwell.

Forthcoming events
Predator fishing boat – lure and dead sea bait to 31 January 2017.
Predator fishing bank – lure & dead sea bait 1 November to 12 February 2017.
Please remember that no bait boats are allowed at Pitsford Water or Hollowell Reservoir.


Ravensthorpe Reservoir

Rod average 3.25 (6.0)

Most anglers are catching fish at Ravensthorpe.  Mick Griffin and John Smith enjoyed a day boat fishing last Wednesday and Mick managed 9 fish to the boat and lost as many pulling two orange blobs.  Whilst John managed 7 fish pulling his ever trusty Bunny Leach and also lost as many.


M Foster caught a lovely 4lb Brown which was safely returned and Mike Davison caught a 4lb Rainbow.


Predator anglers are not having it all their own way as the bigger fish are being quite elusive.


Best Rainbow                           4lb taken by Mike Davison.


Best boat areas                        All over.


Best bank                                 Platforms 4-6.


Mid week boat winner               Mick Griffin.

Forthcoming events
Pike fishing lure & dead sea bait
1 October to 30 November