In May the second unofficial World Championship in Catfish Angling will take place at the well-known River Ebro in Spain.

Numerous Anglers from all over the world will visit the World Catfish Classics and compete against each other. Black Cat is one of the main sponsors of the event and will for the first time take part in the competition with their own team. The team leader relies on the vast experience of Catfish Specialists Ingo Kuprian (37) and Uwe Barthel (40). Both come from Greater Frankfurt and are highly experienced in Pellet-Fishing and know exactly how to present the bait in order to entice the large predators to bite. In the past few years both Kuprian and Barthel have distinguished themselves, constantly catching large specimen from the Ebro, many in excess of 90kg. Uwe Barthel: “ I am looking forward to the upcoming Worldcup in May and I hope that our team can score one of the top ranks and represent the Black Cat brand well.”
Black Cat Head consultant Stefan Seuß will be present during the competition and support his team actively, he will be available to visitors to answer questions about Catfish Angling. Live news about the event will be available on Facebook (Stefan Seuß) and on .