The Black Cat Team debuted this year at the Catfish Classics in Spain and immediately managed to win the team competition.

The team was split into three squads of each two anglers and one support person: Team 1 with Ingo Kuprian, Uwe Barthel and Stefan Seuß; Team 2 with Alexander Kunert, Thomas Grabitz and Riccardo Klausener and finally Team „Crazy Cats“ from England with Alina Padurean, Tracey Lewis Wilson and Steve Howard.
The event’s planning and the execution proved to be quite impressive for the participants. 34 teams from all around the world had come together between May 23rd and 25th in Chiprana, which constituted a massive scene meeting of Catfish anglers from many countries. Angling commenced for three days in three sectors. Luck of the draw was often the decisive factor over success or failure, as fishing proved to be quite different in the respective sectors. Certain sectors which are frequently fished proved to be more successful than those less frequented during the previous weeks. Water temperatures were quite high and many fish were already preparing to spawn, therefore results between sectors turned out to be quite diverse.
For Team Captain Stefan Seuß this was the first experience with Pellett-Fishing and he enjoyed this new type of catfish angling with eagerness. Exclusively permitted hook baits were Pelletts, Boilies and squid. Stefan Seuß: „ We tried to find active fish in our sector every day with the echo sounder, so we could place our Pellets in close proximity. We had to paddle distances of over 300m to place the bait in promising areas.” Only fish of more than 10kg counted, the total weight determined the winner.

Team Black Cat came in first with a total catch weight of 366kg in the team competition, closely beating PV TV Hungary with 354,35kg and Berkley with 230,75kg. In the individual tournament Team Black Cat England (Crazy Cats) scored third place with a total catch weight of 268,5kg.

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