After 12 hours of heavy rain, the Warwickshire Avon was starting to rise as the 55 competitors got to their pegs. As always on rising rivers, some species like to feed and those who were on areas where there were some bream and barbel managed to catch well.

Worcester’s Tim Biddle drew the downstream end peg at Manor in the deeper, slower water and made the most of his peg fishing a small groundbait feeder straight down the middle. He caught a few decent chub before the river rose too much, but then the bream moved in and he had a lovely day on the feeder to comfortably win B Zone and the match with 34-6-0.

The late 50’s produced all top four results on the day as bream showed in several pegs. Jason Cooke was second with 20-15-0 from peg 58, and Ian Baker third with 12-13-0 from peg 59.

A Zone was won by Chris Harrison with 11-12-0 of chub from peg 8 and B Zone went to Pete Morris with 9-15-0 of chub and perch from peg 34.


1. Tim Biddle – 36lb 4oz
2. Jason Cooke – 20lb 15oz
3. Ian Baker – 12lb 13oz
4. Tony Marshall 12lb 12oz

Chris Harrison, Pete Morris and Tim Biddle.

Next Qualifier: Saturday 5th October, Yorkshire Ouse