Latest Fishery Form October 3rd, 2016

Some exceptional individual fish being caught by pleasure anglers best bream out was 12lb 9oz on peg 12 Bowes.

Lookout had a 3ln 10oz golden tench on peg 38, carp of double figures out on Bowes and Lookout whilst Bassetts is catching very well also.

Pellet, paste, maggot, worm, caster, mussel, prawn, , all doing well on hook, feed- pellets, hemp caster , for good results.

Sunday 2nd Oct
Conditions:- cold overnight 4 deg, partly Cloudy, wind SW 0 calm, barometer 1006 mb, water temp 16.4, DO 8.20, PH 7.45, mv –45
1st Malcom Fox 79lb 2oz peg 1
2nd Dave Pearson 77lb 13oz peg 16aa
3rd John Dryden 77lb 11oz peg 5

Sat 1st Oct Bowes
1st Dave Pearson 41lb 2oz peg 2
2nd Ethan Bradley 30lb 3oz peg 4
3rd Jack Bell 20lb 9oz peg 16

Wed 28th Sept 2016 Bowes
Conditions: Partly cloudy, ambient temp 21 deg, wind SW 17 mph then high gusts to 30 , barometer 1016 mb, water temp 15.1 deg, DO8.10, PH 7.45, mv-40
1st John Foster 94lb 3oz peg 2
2nd D Pearson
3rd J Dryden
sorry not got the weights

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