The British shore caught bass record has been smashed with a 19lb 11oz 12dr beauty from Sandown Pier, Isle of Wight, can exclusively report.

The mighty bass was taken last night (Saturday) by local angler Steve Caves, who was fishing a whole squid bait. The venue has a record of producing good bass – last year it threw up a 14-pounder and Steve has previously had bass to 11lb 11oz.

The fish, which is now at Scotties tackle shop in Sandown, measured 36 inches long and was described by Steve as ‘fat as hell’. It beats the long standing shore caught record of 19lb, a fish caught way back in 1988 from Dover breakwater.

“I fish the pier a couple of times a week and always fish big baits with big fish in mind,” Steve told’s Gareth Purnell.

“Lucky was with me really. The fish came at 11pm when I was chatting away to my mate Alan Beenie. I had to rush to the rod and only just managed to grab the end before it went over the side.

“Alan did the honours with the drop net, but the first one was too small and he had to rush to get a bigger one! Will I be making a claim – you bet I will!”

The fish was weighed twice on the pier at 19lb 12oz and then in the tackle shop at 19lb 11oz 12dr. Scotties manager Paul Jackson is helping Steve, who is considering having the fish set up, with the claim.

Steve fished a Penn rod with an Abu 6500 multiplier, 20lb mainline, an 18lb hooklength and a size 6/0 Longshank hook.