THE big news this week is that the British bream record has been smashed with a monster of nearly 20lb (yes TWENTY POUNDS!) from a stillwater in Cambridgeshire.

The historic 19lb 10oz fish was taken by carp angler James Rust, who took it in darkness at long range on a single grain of fake maize over an area he’d baited by boat with just half a kilo of sweetcorn.

James is keeping the identity of the Cambridgeshire venue secret, but did reveal that the venue is 100 acres in size and has no form for producing massive bream, other than a 16-pounder he caught last year.

His fish, which was weighed on super accurate digital scales and witnessed by Angling Times staff, is 10oz over the current best mark and continues the rise and rise British bream best, which stood at 16lb 12oz as recently as September 2000.

There is no question that fish like chub and barbel are growing to their biggest ever proportions because of the amount of high-protein, quality bait being feed into so many venues by carp anglers, but bream are different.

They can grow to well over 20lb naturally on food-rich venues and do so even in cold Scandanavian countries, where no anglers’ baits are going in.
The other exciting thing about this capture is that bream are shoal fish and it’s very likely that there are other fish of a similar weight in the water, if we can only find out where it is. It can now only be a matter of time before the UK produces its first ever 20lb slab. Amazing!