A new British record bream has been caught at a weight of 22lb 12oz.

Anglers Mail secured the exclusive pictures of the fish, which was landed by specimen angler Scot Crook from Cambridgeshire’s Ferry Lagoon, a super-tough water that has been well known for a number of years for its record breaking potential.

Caught at the start of April, Scot’s fish is believed the same fish James Rust caught at 19lb 10oz in 2005 and Mark McKenna banked at 22lb 9oz in 2009.

Mark did not claim his catch as a record because he was fishing for carp.

However, Scot is intending to claim the fish as a new record. Scot’s record breaker was also backed up by another specimen bream of 18lb 8oz, a feat that is believed to have produced the biggest brace of bream ever seen in the UK – two fish for 43lb 8oz!


Anglers Mail broke the story of the new British bream record.