BW and representatives of National Federation of Anglers (NFA) and National Association of Fisheries and Angling Consultative (NAFAC) have continued their regular liaison meetings as they look towards developing their plans for angling across BW’s waterways in England & Wales.
Documents have been produced by BW and have been distributed to angling clubs across the country for comment and feedback.  The thrust of each plan is being reflected in the wider Business Plans for each of BW’s eight geographic waterways units.
The angling bodies were pleased with the progress made in the plans. BW’s Marketing & Customer Service Director, Simon Salem says: “The creation of these plans in consultation with local angling customers is a great step forward.”
David Kent of the National Federation of Anglers says: “We look forward to building still further on these plans.”
Both bodies believed it was important to draw out common themes from the plans.  It was agreed that these themes for the future should be:
·       Improving the angling experience
·       Increasing fisheries and participation
·       Engaging with angling communities
·       Improving fisheries

Martin Read of NAFAC says: “Development of the plans will be at local level but we will continue to discuss progress at our regular national liaison meetings. The next meeting is being scheduled for the Autumn.” Local waterway units will now work to implement the plans step by step.