Carpetbaggers Open, Stockton Res 25 pegs
1st Nige Harrhy (Barston) 120lb 10oz
2nd Neil Russel (Swanns/Kobra) 96lb 120z
3rd Wayne Sharman (Lanes Bait) 56lb 9oz
4th Tony Wickam (Carpetbaggers) 54lb 12oz
5th Mark Williams (Match Fishing) 47lb 12oz
6th Dave Howl (Carpetbaggers) 46lb
7th Steve Bowen(Carpetbaggers) 45lb 8oz
8th Carl Barnfield (Swanns/Kobra)
Nige Harrhy (Barston) won this match fishing the Method feeder to the corner of the island on peg 52. He caught carp steadily all through the match for 120lb 10oz.