Barnsley & District’s AAS bid to become the first team to win the coveted FIPSed World Club Championships failed to materialise in Serbia. The team consisted of; Alan Scotthorne, Sam Wildsmith, Lee Kerry, Dave Brooks, Simon Fields, Andy Geldhart (Reserve both days), Glenn Lawrence (Captain) and Mick Vials and Denis White (Assistants).

Not since Essex County won the then Browning World Cup in 1982 has a team representing England taken Gold. Essex won gold on the River Arno in Florence which is this year’s venue for both the Ladies’ and Veterans’ teams in the 2011 World Angling Games.
Many of England’s top teams, among them, Dorking, Shakespeare, Starlets and Barnsley have tried, but all have failed to win.
This year the squad representing Barnsley and District AAS who are better known as the Ultimate Barnsley Blacks were the first Angling Trust team to qualify by winning the ‘Preston Innovations World Club Classic’. The Preston Innovations sponsorship is designed to help the winning club financially when competing in this competition which indeed it did as was shown with Barnsley finishing in an excellent third place.
The River Danube in Serbia attracted 25 countries and with our representatives fishing for a species of fish (bullheads ) that we know very little about, but the team did exceptionally well to make the podium in a bronze medal position.

Section Results
Day one
A. Sam Wildsmith
B. Lee Kerry
C. Alan Scotthorne
D. Dave Brooks
E. Simon Fields
Day two.
A. Sam Wildsmith
B. Simon Fields
C. Alan Scotthorne
D. Lee Kerry
E. Dave Brooks
Final team results
1st – Hungary – 71 points
2nd – Serbia – 82.5 points
3rd – England – 44 points