A truly unique occurrence: Tackle supplier Browning is dedicating an entire website to one single product with the new website www.xitanz12.com .

The new pole Browning Xitan Z12 has already gained a lot of interest since its introduction into the market, UK Press even celebrates it as “probably the best pole ever”. What sets this new flagship of the Browning range  apart from the competition is the innovative conception, as for example the usage of different types of kits with exactly the same length (SLK) – no matter the inner diameter of the tip section. Also innovative is the fact that all kits are delivered pre-bushed with quality Teflon bushes. The somewhat antiquated concept of the mini extensions has been completely re-invented, in its place there are now three different pole protectors, which do much more than just extend the pole a little bit. Further features like strengthened stress-points complete the remarkable whole package.
Poles are merely “long sticks” for some. If you want to fully grasp the concept of the Xitan Z12 package and possibly own and enjoy it at some point, then it will be interesting to spend some time on the subject, this is where the new dedicated website comes into play. There is a comprehensive explanation why the Xitan Z12 is so special, plus a detailed FAQ section, which answers the most common questions. Two videos complete the website and offer further information. Who visits the website will understand why such an innovative, high-end product requires an internet presence dedicated entirely to itself.