Mick Bull is the new 2008 PartyPoker.com Fish’O’Mania Champion following an outstanding performance which saw the man from Warwickshire on target taking home the £25,000 jackpot at Cudmore Fisheries this past weekend.

The match was extremely close for its entirety and it wasn’t until the last hour and a half that Mick really took the ‘Bull’ by the horns and established a commanding lead over the rest of the field. Mick ended the match with a winning weight of 29.640kg, although it was the last 90 minutes which produced 7.300kg that proved decisive.

Following the draw, it was Mick and Jon Arthur who were two of the favourites to win with both anglers being lucky enough to be drawn on end pegs (16 and 9 respectively). However, as the match got under way it was Matt Smith fishing on peg seven and Jon on nine who led the way being the only two anglers over 4kg after the second weigh in.

Although no clear leader was established there were a number of anglers just behind including England International Darren Cox, Andrew Neal from Abergavenny and Chris Ellett from Manchester.

As the match progressed it was these three anglers who began to excel, catching steadily to take themselves to the top of the leader board. Mick Bull had been struggling for the first section of the match but as the 3.00pm weigh in was concluded it was Mick’s three quick fish that brought him right back into contention. From there on Mick fought off close competition from Andrew Neal who was on peg 15 and continued to land a mix of barbel and carp at regular intervals hauling himself to the top of the leader board.

Chris Ellett was the only angler who could keep pace with Andy and Mick: however in the latter stages both his and Andy’s swim dried up and as the sun came out, it was shining on only one man – Mick Bull.

Despite gusty conditions and continual rain showers, once the sun emerged Mick fished with a smile on his face knowing that as he continued to feed meat into his swim and catch time after time, it was he who would be walking away with that prized cheque.

Mick who was taking part in his first ever Fish’O’Mania final commented after the match, “It’s brilliant – it’s about time I won something, I had a really slow start but the wind was blowing and I was on the end peg.”

“They’ve been hard to catch but there were lots there.”

“I was feeding lots of meat and they were queuing up. I’d been a bit panicky but I tried to blank it.”

“I’m going to go on holiday with my lad Jamie and going to buy a few beers!”

Despite Mick finishing more than 6kg ahead of the nearest angler, it was a close contest for the runner up spot which was eventually won by Chris Ellett with 23.410kg, just ahead of Andrew Neal with 22.080kg.

The Ladies Championship was won by Emma Pickering, daughter of former World Champion Tom, who ended with 24.510kg, well ahead of nearest rival Sam Perkins who finished with 15.070kg.

The junior event was won by Josh Wilde of Worksop who finished with 9.110kg.