WEEK ENDING SUNDAY, 23rd July 2006


Glen Baker with a 34lb 7oz mirror banked this week.



We still have a bit of tweaking to do, but generally the new site is now up and running. The new site is faster, more informative and packed with more photos, tips and in time will feature more articles by leading anglers such as Colin Davidson, Bill and Virginia Rusher and our own Chris Maltby and Eric Bailey. There will also be an opportunity for regular anglers to write their own articles.


A new forum hosted by ‘The Fishing Warehouse’ is now available where you will be able to have on-line chats discussing catches, methods and baits etc with fellow Bury Hill anglers. The site also includes a short streaming video about Bury Hill, which was narrated by top angling journalist Chris Sandford and a first for any commercial fishery, a computer fishing game based on our Big Fish water, Temple lake! Regular, Julian Motture who designs and builds computer games has built this new game, which is nothing short of amazing!




Water temperature plays an important part in fishing, which is why we try to give you an overview each week so that you can see just how the weather effects the weeks fishing.


With water temperatures hitting new records this week amid soaring temperatures, which hit 99 degree’s culmination in a very active storm system, which hit during the early hours of Saturday morning, the fishing has remained incredibly good, well very good actually. Not surprisingly, water temperatures have increased to 24.5 degree’s which really is bath stuff, whilst oxygen levels have remained reasonably high at 60 degree’s plus.


Outlook for the week is remaining overcast today (Sunday) before the HEATWAVE returns with a vengeance mid week; so don’t forget the sun cream!






Amazingly, the fishing has been very good on all lakes with some really silly catches reported even during the hottest part of the day. The Old Lake really came into its own with a number of anglers bagging 100lb+ mixed bags midweek with the odd angler even topping the 200lb mark. Whilst the bream dominated catches, most anglers also caught a bit of everything with tench, skimmers, roach, rudd, perch and carp making up the bags.


Both Bonds and Milton lakes also fished surprisingly well with most anglers bagging 30lb to 60lb bags and the odd angler reporting bags to over 100lb. Whilst sport on Bonds lake is dominated by the carp, Milton Lake again produced some excellent mixed bags which included tench to 6lb, crucian to just under 3lb, quality roach and rudd to 2lb and small carp.


Carp wise, the Old Lake produced a lot of multi bags, which included fish to mid twenties with the best of the fishing being early and late. Temple Lake also fished a lot better with a few good upper twenties reported in the week.




Well despite some pretty hot uncomfortable weather, the fishing on the Old Lake has been amazingly very good with some very good bags reported. It was the long bank that produced the best of the sport this week with the 30’s and 40’s all fishing well with the pole line and float fished at 4/5 rods out probably taking the best bags, although a feeder fished out to the island also caught well. With a good number of 100lb bags reported and even the odd 200lb bag, most bags were dominated by the bream, although anglers did see some very good mixed bags taken which included tench, skimmers, roach, rudd, perch and carp.


The front bank also fished quite well with the early pegs particularly providing some very good mixed bags, which were again dominated by the larger bream. Whilst the deeper water can be very hit and miss at this time of the year, we have installed two new oxygen blowers off the boathouse which attracting a lot of fish into the area owing to increased oxygen levels. Methods generally remain much the same as the long bank with pole, float and feeder working.


Bait wise, soft pellet, corn, meat, red maggot and worm are all fishing well. However, please note that groundbait is currently banned owing to the high water temperatures, although if you ask we might allow a little in the feeder.


This weeks catches!

Richard Taylor had a very good day when he tackle peg 37 along the long bank catching close to 200lb on what is best described as an inferno of a day which turned out to be the hottest July day ever! Fishing a loaded waggler out to the back of the pads line, Richard fished double caster tipped off with a red worm whilst loose feeding small 3mm pellet catching bream to 5lb, tench to 6lb, carp to 11lb and roach, rudd and perch to just under 2lb.


Another angler to bag up in the hot weather was Guy Jenkins who fished peg 34 catching bream, skimmers and roach for a good 100lb bag. Fishing a long pole, Guy caught all of his fish on corn fished over hemp and small pellet.


Bill Tanner had a good session on peg 22 fishing a small feeder out to the back of the oxygen flow. Fishing corn tipped with worm on a long tail, Bill caught plenty of bream, skimmers, roach and rudd for a good ton up bag.


John Lilley from Fish Sense had a very good day when he fished the Old Lake with his friend Guy, The pair fished the long bank catching bream to 6lb 2oz, tench to 4lb, carp to 16lb and a bonus 3lb 6oz zander which hit a bream as it was being landed. Most of John and Guy’s fish were taken on Heathrow Baits boilies.



Another pretty good week for the boats with a number of anglers catching some very good bags of tench and carp from the jungle area with tench averaging 4lb to 6lb whilst the carp are generally low doubles. Whilst the best of the fishing has probably been found early and late, sport throughout the day has been pretty good generally with the cooler weather as we headed into the weekend being a distinct help.


All areas of the jungle appear to be fishing well with the far end rush bed and bush being particularly productive, as are the early swims. Best methods remain float tactics with baits such as corn, meat, soft pellet and small boilies all catching on the day with hemp, pellet and chopped hook baits all working as feed baits.


For more mixed bags, the open water area in front of the boathouse has again produced some very good bags for those targeting the bream and skimmers. Whilst all areas have been producing, the area to the middle of the front bank between the island and jungle appears to be fishing well as is the area to the top of the island in front of the oak tree which has also been producing the odd tench.


Small floats shot right down is the most productive method with corn and worm working particularly well along with maggot for the smaller fish with little and often feeding working best. 


This weeks catches!

Craig Mann and Toby Atkinson had a very good day catching 23 tench and 6 carp between them. Fishing flavoured corn fished over small pellet and hemp, the pair both caught new PB’s with Craig catching a stunning mirror weighing 18lb 8oz which Toby caught three tench over his previous best, all weighing between 6lb 14oz and 7lb 4oz.


Rod Mann also had a good day when he fished the early swims towards the mouth of the jungle. Fishing half a piece of corn tipped with a red worm over a bed of mashed corn and hemp, Rod caught 11 tench to 6lb 11oz, 3 carp to 15lb 6oz and a dozen or so bream, the best being a huge 8lb 13oz.


John Clift and Jamie Willis had a good day down the jungle catching carp to 15lb, tench to 5lb and a bonus 3lb 8oz crucian. Fishing corn, the pair went on to record a new PB for Jamie, a 14lb 8z common.




Another very good week on the Old Lake with a lot of multi bags reported including fish to upper twenties with a few anglers catching upwards of 20 fish a session with a lot of fish in the 14lb to 19lb range. All banks appear to be fishing well with the fish being spread throughout the system, although the island margins and the early pegs on the front bank have again fished well. Bait wise, most good baits are catching with Icelandic Red continuing its run of fish.


Turning to Temple, Temple has fished a touch hard during the heat of the day with the best of the fishing being found late, early and at night. Nothing huge this week with mid twenties being about the best reported. Bait wise, pop-ups, bottom baits and zig rigs all continue to work with Icelandic Red, Mainline baits and natural baits such as maggot and corn also working well, although the natural baits are catching the odd smaller fish which has been spawned in the water.


This weeks catches!

John Atkin fished peg 66 on the Old Lake early week catching a very pretty 25lb mirror on a Strawberry boilie, which he fished to the pads on the other side of the lake. Ed Mason also did well catching a 22lb mirror from peg 35. Fishing two 18mm Icelandic Red boilies out to the island, Ed also had a small mid double common. Another angler to bag a few fish was Cliff Marshall, Cliff fished peg 74 catching 6 fish including a 24lb 11oz common, which he caught on a Pineapple boilie fished out to the island.


A small group of friends also managed some reasonable action with Edward Dinwiddie taking the best fish of the day, a 22lb mirror, which he took on a mixed boilie from peg 6. Although nothing huge, friends Alex Williams, David Blake and Peter Blake all had reasonable bags ranging from 5 to 7 fish all around mid doubles. Baits varied with Icelandic Red, Scopex and Halibut pellets all working.


Alan Stagg grabbed a quick early week session catching mirror’s weighing 27lb 8oz and 20lb. Alan fished a Perfection Spicy Squid boilie over hemp to the island from peg 10. Regular Glen Baker also managed a good conditioned mirror weighing 26lb 8oz, which he caught from the island margins off peg 9 on Icelandic Red baits.


Gavin Hill caught a very pretty 26lb 4oz mirror off Temple on an Icelandic Red wrapped in a soft boilie paste. Fishing peg 6, Gavin fished his bait out to the island also catching a small 23lb common. Terry Harveson also managed a reasonable fish, a 25lb 7oz mirror that he took on a zig rig just off the top from peg 11. Fishing a pineapple pop up, Terry missed two further takes, as the fish were finicky.


Below is a list of the most recent Temple and Bury Hill 30’s:


Temple Lake

Glen Baker – 34lb 7oz Mirror

Ray Harding – 34lb 8oz Common

Tony Tremlett – 30lb 5oz Common

Chris Maltby – 32lb 8oz Mirror

David Pennicott – 30lb 4oz Mirror

Duncan Ansell – 33lb 14oz Mirror

Peter Blanks – 30lb 8oz Ghost

Simon Lessing – 33lb 8oz Mirror

Dave French – 30lb 10oz Mirror

Brian Pitchley – 34lb Mirror

Neil Malcomson – 30lb 4oz Mirror

Peter Young – 30lb 5oz Common

Duncan Ansell – 31lb 4oz Common

Jamie Cherry – 30lb Mirror

Colin Davidson – 30lb 3oz Mirror


 Old Bury Hill Lake

Ashley Boylan – 34lb 8oz Mirror

Mark Savage – 32lb Mirror

Chris Pursey – 30lb 4oz Mirror

Neil Rivers – 30lb 1oz Common

Daniel Carver – 30lb Common



 Please Note!

Temple Lake can only be fished by Specimen Carp Members, with membership numbers strictly limited to anglers with some experience of catching big fish. The membership includes Old Bury Hill Lake, Temple Lake our new specimen carp lake. Following recent stockings, stocking is currently just under a 100 fish to upper thirties; a further 10 plus fish will be stocked later this year. To date there has been a waiting list to join our SCM, however we currently have just a few places available on a first served basis, full details can be found on our web site or by telephoning David or Jane on 01306 877540.




Another good week on Bonds with plenty of 40lb to 60lb bags reported along with the odd better bag to 100lb+. With both the margins and open water producing to float, pole and feeder tactics, the really big bags came from just under the surface on slow sinking pellets supported by loose feed and the island margins where small open end feeders worked. Bait wise, larger baits are definitely working better with corn, soft pellet and bread flake all working well with small boilies and meat also catching.


This weeks catches!

Too many bags to mention this week, so here are a few, which I have selected randomly. Kevin Downey from Bermondsey had a very good day catching 17 fish to 13lb for a good 100lb bag. Fishing peg 13, Kevin fished a small ledger to the island catching all his fish on luncheon meat. Jerry Hart had a very good midweek session catching 23 fish for another ton up bag from peg 8. Jerry also fished a small ledger out to the island catching all his fish on corn and soft pellet.


Recent match weights have also been excellent on Bonds with Hanwell Prince of Wales having a really good day despite warm temperatures. D Mamonby won the day with 117lb, whilst G Wood was second with 113lb and R Mudd third with 69lb. meat, corn and pellet were the best baits fished with a feeder or small ledger. Another regular match group is Edmonsons Electrical who also had a very good day despite appalling hot conditions. Gary Nelhams won the day with 89lb 8oz; whilst Adrian was second with 41lb and Steve third with 40lb 9oz. Again feeder fishing corn, pellet and meat were the best method and baits.




Another great week on Milton with some very good bags reported from all areas including crucian, tench, roach, rudd and small carp. With all areas producing a few fish, the margins and open water are the best target areas with anglers catching plenty of 40lb to 50lb bags and the odd ton haul. Best bait is a definitely small cube of meat although corn, worm, paste and soft pellet all remain popular, maggot is still accounting for a lot of fish, particularly the rudd and small carp that are feeding up in the water.


This weeks catches!

Mr Thenson fished corn over hemp catching 30 odd fish for a good haul including tench, crucian, carp and roach. Trevor Morris fished peg 27 catching a good 100lb from the margins fishing small pieces of meat over hemp and small pellet. Fishing the inside line, Trevor caught tench to 4lb, crucian to 2lb and plenty of roach, rudd and small carp.


Matches on Milton have also been very good with a lot of weights between 60lb and 100lb. Fulwells recent match in pretty hard conditions saw 66lb take top honours which was caught by Roger Littlewood who fished peg 28, Peter Linch was second with 62lb which he caught from peg 20 whilst John Belton was third with 50lb. Pole, corn and pellet were the successful method and baits.


Catch Reports

Many of the above catches are included within the catch report section where further details can be found. Alternatively, if you would like your catch report included in our weekly news round up, please complete the catch report on our web site.