21st and 22nd September 2010, 39 anglers fished on Front Bank and Long Bank, Old Lake

Day One
A good turnout as usual for this annual event on the Old Lake had the competitors all looking for a good start with the event being decided on overall weight over the two days. As the hands went in the draw bag everyone was hoping for one the dozen noted pegs that seem to produce no matter what are the condition all year round. The first day is always a learning curve as the big shoals of bream and skimmers tend to live in certain pegs making it hard to knock up a good weight on the lesser pegs but it is the anglers who can produce the off bites from these pegs that make up the frame and get themselves in the money.
Lee Perry did not need to worry drawing peg 1 on the first day and simply fished his way well into contention bagging 89-8-0 of bream up to 5lbs plus the odd tench and skimmer. Alternating between pole and feeder Lee kept a steady flow of slabs coming, hair rigging pellets and corn over a pellet feed attack. On the far side of the Long Bank on another end peg 51 Robbie Taylor pole fished his way into second place with 23 bream and 1 tench for 65-12-0. Using pellet over pellet and a ground bait line Robbie fished a very tidy match to put himself into the running for the £300 first prize pot.
Mark Glyn was pegged near the winner on peg 2 and took third spot mainly on the feeder with 60-6-0 of decent sized bream, alternating his bait from hair rigged corn and pellet through a ground bait feeder. Mark Goddard on peg 11 put himself into contention with some big bream on the feeder for 43-8-0 with Dave Walker on peg 3 landing more feeder caught bream for 38-1-0

1st Lee Perry (Carshalton DAS) 89-8-0 £150
2nd Robbie Taylor (Preston) 65-12-0 £110
3rd Mark Glyn (Surrey) 60-6-0 £90
4th Mark Goddard (Dorking) 43-8-0 £70
5th Dave Walker (Carshalton DAS) 38-1-0 £50
6th Mark Hathway (Leatherhead DAS) 37-10-0
7th Geoff Vallence (Preston) 35-15-0
8th Hayden Woods (Bury Hill) 34-10-0
Section payouts each receiving £40 each
 1-14 Andy Ryan (KC Angling) 21-4-0,
15-30 Geoff Vallence (Preston) 35-15-0,
31-40 Mark Hathway (Leatherhead DAS) 37-10-0,
41-52 Andy Cummings (F1 Monks) 27-3-0

Day Two
The draw was going to play a big part and those who had a good day one were looking for the draw bag to be kind again, so when day one leader Lee Perry drew out noted peg 38 it was going to take a superb effort to stop him as he had already built up a 24lbs advantage. Lee being a quality angler plus with superb knowledge of the Old Lake made no mistake winning day two with 57-6-0 of feeder caught bream up to 5lbs again on the pellet and corn hair rigged baits. With also the highest individual weight over the two days plus the heaviest combined total Lee scooped the top pool on offer of £650, a superb effort, well done.
2nd on the day was Andy Ryan on peg 49 who fished the long pole and pellet to scale an excellent 55-15-0 which pushed him to 5th place overall. Third place went to last year’s spring festival winner Geoff Vallence on peg 45 who caught on both the feeder and pole for 45-13-0 of bream landing him 4th place in the event.
Steve Turner who had a dismal first day made amends from peg 50 catching bream on the pole and pellet over pellet and corn for 45-0-0. Mark Glyn fresh from his previous third on day one took fifth spot from peg 4 on the front bank with 43-10-0 of feeder and pole caught bream and skimmers which helped Mark to clinch the runners up spot of the festival. Mark Picked up a cool £365 in total for his fine consistent efforts with the help of two good draws as well.

1st Lee Perry (Carshalton DAS) 57-6-0 £150
2nd Andy Ryan (KC Angling) 55-15-0 £110
3rd Geoff Vallence (Preston) 45-13-0 £90
4th Steve Turner (Carshalton DAS) 45-0-0 £70
5th Mark Glyn (Surrey) £50

Sections payouts each receiving £40 each
1-14 Andy Turner (Carshalton DAS) 32-2-0
15-30 Russ Evans (Yorkshire Baits/NDP10) 34-6-0
31-40 Dave Johnson (Surrey) 27-2-0
41-52 Martin Tobias (Bury Hill) 39-1-0

Overall Results TOP 12 only
1st Lee Perry 146-14-0   £300
2nd Mark Glyn 104-0-0  £225
3rd Robbie Taylor 88-13-0  £125
4th Geoff Vallence 81-12-0  £90
5th Andy Ryan 77-3-0  £60
6th Mark Goddard 73-12-0  £50
7th Mark Hathway 68-6-0
8th Martin Tobias 57-1-0
9th Steve Turner 55-8-0
10th Russ Evans 50-6-0
11th Andy Turner 49-0-0
12th Hayden Woods 46-10-0

Thank you for taking part and the plan is to have a spring and autumn two day festival for next year, watch this space for dates and details.