The National Association of Fisheries and Angling Consultatives, NAFAC, is urging all member and non member clubs to write to their local MP’s asking them to sign Martin Salter’s amendment to an Early Day Motion 957 which seeks to promote free uncontrolled access to all waterways for canoeing.


In the amendment Martin Salter is calling for access, where appropriate, to be on an agreed basis and not the free for all being proposed by the British Canoe Union.

To date the Early day Motion has attracted the support of 116 MP’s, just 100 more than have signed the amendment.


Commenting on the disappointing response from angling clubs NAFAC Executive Chairman Terry Mansbridge said, ‘This is a very important matter but is yet another instance of anglers not supporting each other. Canoeing, and particularly white water canoeing, does not affect every club, and as a result support for Martin Salter’s amendment has been sadly lacking. I would urge everyone, whether affected or not, to contact their MP’s and ask them to sign the amendment’


A sample draft letter for MP’s can be found on the NAFAC website at