The day was a cracker as far as conditions go light Easterly breeze with the sun doing its best to warm up the anglers waiting eagerly to cast in their baits into the rapidly rising tide.

We had 11 anglers of which 3 were Female all firing questions in to the coaches who were there to cover all aspects of fishing, teaching the basics in bait presentation, knots, fish handling, and casting safety.

The Poole family from Cardiff had a great day with Grandmother Barbara catching a Green Eel on her very first fishing trip and granddaughter Megan catching a small Codling, along with other family members, Grandfather Fred and other Granddaughter Rachel who all had a great day out.

The Eel provided great enjoyment for all the youngsters who wanted to see how much mess it could make off a gloved hand and a woolly coat!

Several other small Codling were caught and returned as the coaches wanted to emphasise the conservation issues involved.

All the budding anglers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and felt they had all learned something of benefit from the WFSA/FWA Coaches.

The next Coaching day which will be the last of the series at the breakwater it is going to be on Saturday 15th March from 10am until 2pm (12pm HW) all are welcome, pre booking would be appreciated so that we can cater for the numbers.

Gareth Davies 0787 6555334, or Mike Dixon 07900 966163.