PREMIERE: Friday 19th May, 10pm


Carp Crew 2

Series return to Discovery Real Time – with new presenter Kev Green – and a host of guest experts…


Carp fishing is Britain’s most popular and fastest growing strand of fishing and ‘carpers’ are some of the most dedicated and passionate anglers in the country.  As the ‘Carp Crew’ series returns, it promises to be a true ‘carp-fest’ as today’s biggest names in carping demonstrate the latest methods, show a huge selection of tackle, and share secret baits, tips and technology news. 


Along with specialist guest anglers and recognised experts, one of the UK’s leading names in carp angling, presenter Kev Green, will share his wealth of experience and offer insight into the UKs carp fishing fraternity.  A passionate fisherman, Kev aims to enlighten the average ‘carper’ and demonstrate how anyone can catch exceptional carp, so long as they are prepared to try out new methods and new locations.  


Each episode is dedicated to a specific method of carp fishing and locations range from the River Nene in Northamptonshire to the famous Blue Pool in Berkshire and the Grand Union Canal in Hertfordshire, where Kev fishes from a barge with Martin Bowler.


Episode Breakdown:


·         River Carping (with Steve Broad)

Britain‘s rivers hold hidden riches – they are home to a nomadic population of wild uncaught carp.  In this programme Kev Green and river carp expert Steve Broad try to track down the roving shoals of secret carp that are roaming the beautiful rural waters of Northamptonshire’s River Nene near Fotheringhay. Kev proves that successful carping on rivers comes from prolonged pre-baiting of your chosen swim. Or could it be the remote location he found a half-mile from the nearest road?  Either way, he catches some specimen fish to upper double figures, that have probably never been caught before.


·         Stalking Carp (With Simon Scott)

Stealth and an intuitive understanding of carp behaviour are the keys to stalking carp. In this show Kev Green is joined by ‘commando carper’ and top fish scientist Simon Scott. Simon knows better than anyone how finely-tuned carp are to their environment and he’ll reveal the secret edges that allow him to ambush fish from within a few feet of the bank.  Shot at the Bluepool near Reading, this programme boasts some stunning underwater footage of carp feeding and even taking the bait – hook, line and sinker! Kev and Simon catch two carp each to 22 pounds and this programme shows that one of the best locations to catch a carp is in the margins.


·         Canal Carping (With Martin Bowler)

At 137 miles long, the Grand Union Canal is one of the UK‘s biggest – and most ignored – carp fisheries. To discover how to catch the fish that live alongside the houseboats, join Kev Green and big fish expert Martin Bowler as he steps back in time to revisit the canal where he caught his first carp as a young lad.  Will the carp still be there?  The guest appearance of ‘Jack’ the boat owner’s dog is most entertaining, especially when Kev successfully uses some of Jack’s dog biscuits as bait!


·         Carp Bait Challenge (With Adam Penning)

The lines are drawn for this ‘Battle of the Baits’. In this episode Kev Green is joined by top carper Adam Penning and the lads go head-to-head as they see which type of bait is best for big carp.  Are man-made baits like boilies and pellets or natural offerings like worms, castors and maggots the angler’s choice on this newly stocked Linear Fishery lake in Oxfordshire?  The results are amazing – 24/7 Watch and learn!


·         French Carping (With Brian Skoyles)

In a quest for monster carp, Kev Green challenges top continental carper Brian Skoyles to bag a whacking great 40lb French carp. While Kev relies on his stealth and subtlety to bag a beast, Brian goes for the ‘guns-a-blazing’ route using the latest in high-tech electronic bait boats to drop a big bait bombardment on the unsuspecting carp. Which tactic will come out on top and who will win this continental carp challenge? Tune in to find out!  Travelling to central France by car, this episode will show the aspiring French carper the methods and tackle required to successfully bag one of these monster fish.


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