Message from Kevin Napier, Carp Society


THE SEVENTH Carp Society ‘Junior Carp School’ will be held at Horseshoe Lake during the week commencing Monday 26 May 2003.
The event runs twice during the week, Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday. The event is open to youngsters over 10 and under 17 on that date.
It is a chance to attend lessons in all the important aspects of carp fishing, given by some of the best anglers around.  

Where possible, lessons are held on the bank. In the event of inclement weather conditions, or the technical nature of the lesson, we may use the marquee.

The evenings and nights are spent fishing with an instructor, when you will get a chance to practice everything you have learned.

All meals and drinks are provided, and special diets can be catered for. We provide a cooked breakfast, sandwich lunch and two course evening meal.
We provide all the bait you will need during your stay with us. This includes boilies, pellets, particles, Method mixes etc.
We receive donations of bait from all the main bait firms such as Nash Baits, Nutrabaits, Mainline, Solar, Richworth, Mistral, Hales Baits, Whizzo, Haiths, Hinders, Dynamite Baits, Partridge and

Ideally you should have your own tackle to allow you to spend two full nights on the bank fishing with your instructor. This will include two rods and reels, buzzers, bivvy, bedchair sleeping bag, landing net and all the mass of bits and pieces we carry. We provide a starter pack of tackle at the beginning of the event, which includes items that are specific to the lessons.

The cost per student is £75. This includes:-
· All permits
· All Instruction
· All food and drinks
· Free T Shirt
· Free Tackle Starter pack
· All bait
· Prizes at the end of the event
· Free goodie bag at the end.
You can see a review of last years School on the Carp Society web site,, where you can read the stories of some of the lads who attended, and see pictures of just some of the superb carp that were caught.
The School teaches you everything you need to know to tackle any water. The biggest thing most students gain is confidence. We will show you the options available and how and when to use them.
This is not a fish-in. This is a chance to be taught by and fish with some of the best anglers in the country.

We expect you to make the most of the opportunity we provide. Come to the School with an open mind, willing to learn and we WILL make you a better carp angler.

If you want any more details please contact the Society Office on 01367 253959 or write to:-

The Carp Society , Horseshoe Lake, Burford Road , Lechlade, GLOS, GL7 3QQ; or email; 0r you can contact me on 07900 188308 or email

Hope to see you there.

Keith Napier, Event Organiser.