The name for Scotland’s new national youth angling association has been unveiled.
The club, established by the Scottish National Angling Programme (SNAP), will be called Castaways. The name and logo were chosen after a nationwide competition.

The logo was designed by Bruce Metcalfe of Turriff Academy, Turriff and the name was created by Lachlan Wood of Ross High School in Tranent.
Both winners will receive complete fishing kits worth £175 from the Glasgow Angling Centre, the competition sponsors. The winners can choose from either a sea fishing, game fishing or coarse fishing kit.
“Castaways” will be an online club where young anglers can get all the information they need to get started in the sport, develop their skills and get access to cheap fishing tackle and clothing.
Ian Robertson, SNAP manager, said: “Castaways will be a club run for youngsters and by youngsters. It will become the national hub for young anglers and will ensure they get the most from this great pastime.”
Tony Andrews, chairman of the SCAET, said: “Castaways is a key element in our drive to increase the number of young anglers and to grow the sport in Scotland. Angling is a wonderfully educative pastime, and can give young people a great way to focus their energies. Angling is not just good for our economy and our environment, it is good for our society.”
For more details about Castaways or the official launch of SNAP contact Ian Robertson on 07733 360621 or Neil Rafferty on 07733 301721