Category: Coarse Fishing

Fishing The Block End Feeder

Blockend feeders are a valuable addition to any match anglers tackle box, but there’s no point carting them around in your box if you don’t know how to get the best out of them. Fox backed Mark Pollard tells you everything you need to know about fishing this method. COLD water fishing is all about […]

Floating Maggots

The ability to make maggots float gives the angler an extra weapon in the armoury against the old enemy. Note that the maggots float when dropped into the water, but as soon as you put a hook on they sink, crucially, more slowly; indeed, you are almost creating a neutral buoyancy hook bait when the […]

Pole Float Choice

The tcf team looks at bristles, eyes, stems and bodies and selects some favourite floats and set-ups for rivers, drains and stillwaters… in the company of Advanced Pole Fishing’s Mark Williams The pole float is your visible connection to the fish that you are trying to catch. It shows up movements when the fish is […]

Tare ‘Em Up

Gareth Purnell sets about proving that tare fishing is easier than many anglers believe and that stillwater roach can’t get enough of the stuff! HEMP and tares go together like strawberries and cream, or April and showers, yet it’s a mystery to me why I see so few anglers fishing with this deadly combination. I […]

Happy Days At Hawksbatch

I’d been intending to do a feature on the River Severn for a while, so when my original plans for the day fell though I decided on a ‘home’ draw and headed for the KDAA’s Hawksbatch stretch a mile or so upstream of Bewdley. Lots of the pegs at Bewdley are good for both silver […]

In conversation with Dick Clegg

The man who led England to its first every gold medal talks about world championships set-ups past and present as he shares a pint and a pie with tcf’s editor, Gareth Purnell. Name Dick Clegg Age 68 Occupation International events manager for the NFA Hometown Barnsley, South Yorks Angling ambitions I’d like to see the […]

Zander: The Cold Eyed Killer

Zander (Stizostedion lucioperca) Weight: Fish between 1lb to 3lb hunt in shoals, but once they mature they tend to become solitary. The average size attained by most fish in the UK is 8lb, with zander over 12lb a rarity. But occasionally a fish over 15lb turns up. Length: On average fish grow to between 66cm […]