The ability to make maggots float gives the angler an extra weapon in the armoury against the old enemy.

Note that the maggots float when dropped into the water, but as soon as you put a hook on they sink, crucially, more slowly; indeed, you are almost creating a neutral buoyancy hook bait when the weight of the hook is added.

The bait therefore sinks and acts in the water just like the loosefeed and there are many times when fish will take this hook bait with much greater confidence than they would ordinary maggots, especially when fishing shallow or on the drop.

Floating maggots can be made by just adding water to the bait box, and the process will take 15-20 minutes. In fact, by using a fizzy drink the maggots float inside for three minutes as they take on the air within the drink itself. Now there’s a tcf Top Tip for you!

Step 1
Riddle the dirt off a handful of maggots and place them into the bottom of a clean bait box.
Make sure you have a lid that fits securely. Cut the centre of the top of the lid with sharp scissors.
Step 3
You can use water – it will take about 20 minutes for the maggots to become floaters.
Step 4
Fizzy drinks act much faster. Add so that the bottom is only just covered.
Step 5
The maggots will take on the air in the drink to help them escape, the little blighters!
Step 6
They can crawl up the side but when they reach the edge of the lid they fall back in.
Step 7
Within five minutes the maggots will float. You can see the air bubble in the head of this one.
Step 8
Three floating maggots on an eyed size 16 B911 hook help create a fantastic neutral buoyancy bait.