Step-by-step guide on how to tie to a shock leader knot.

Why Use A Shockleader?

Using a shockleader is very important where any sort of power casting is involved. As a general rule, sea anglers allow 10lb of breaking strain leader for every ounce of lead they are casting but the shock leader also has it’s place in coarse fishing when using braid mainline, and in some carp fishing situations where long distance is needed.

Therefore, if you are casting a 6oz lead you need to use a shockleader of at least 60lb (6oz x 10lb = 60lb).

Step One
There are many knots that you can use to attach a shockleader to your main line, but the simplest has to be the half hitch/grinner knot.
Step Two
Start by making a simple overhand loop at the end of your Climax shockleader line like this. The tag end should be on the right.
Step Three
Now pass the tag end of your main line through the loop, keeping the spool of shockleader on the left.
Step Four
Pull the tag end of the leader line and tighten the loop to form a knot in the leader and around the main line, like this.
Step Five
Now pull about four inches of main line through to get rid of any damaged line. Note the kink in the red main line.
Step Six
Using a pair of scissors or nail clippers, cut away the damaged line and pull through another four inches of main line.
Step Seven
Make an overhand loop in the main line and lay it across the shockleader, keeping the tag end to the left.
Step Eight
Take the tag end of the main line and pass it over the leader and through the loop four times, like this.
Step Nine
Add a little saliva to the knot before pulling it tight. This acts as a lubricant and will prevent any heat damage.
Step Ten
Once the knot is tightened, pull the shockleader and main line so that the two knots meet. Make sure both knots are tight.
Step Eleven
Pull both the tag ends to make sure everything is snug and then trim the tag ends as close to the knot as possible.
Step Twelve
With all the ends trimmed from both the shockleader and the main line the finished leader knot should look like this.