One of the weakest links in any rig is when you attach your line or braid to another piece of tackle, such as a hook or a swivel.

The connection needs to be secure or the line could slip against the metal, rub and weaken.

And as most of us know to our cost, damaged line all too easily leads to lost fish.

The grinner (also known as the uni knot) is a popular knot with specimen and match anglers alike, as it can easily be tied using strong line, light lines and braid.

It’s a tidy knot that does not leave a nasty tag like some others, as the line lies parallel to the main line when pulled tight.

The great thing about this knot is that it’s just as effective with braid as with mono; indeed it’s a knot we recommend for use with braid rigs, especially for swivels.

1 Pass the tag end of the line twice through the eye of the swivel.
2 Hold the main line and tag end together. Now, halfway along…
3 … grip both lines and form a loop with the remaining tag.
4 Pass the tag end through the loop five or six times.
5 Grip both lines either side of the loop and pull gently.
6 This will form the knot and as it tightens, dampen it.
7 Pull tight until a neat knot is formed above the eye.
8 Now hold the swivel and slowly pull on the main line…
9 … so that the knot slips down tightly onto the swivel.
10 Finally, trim off the tag end to tidy the finished knot.