The Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (Cefas) publishes its Annual Report and Accounts 2006–2007 on 25 June 2007. The report describes Cefas’ major achievements for the year.

As an executive agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the document covers Cefas’ performance against six ministerial targets – Delivery of Outputs; Customer Focus; Strong Science; Financial; Efficient, Cost-effective Operation; and Investment in People – all of which were achieved.

Cefas’ Chief Executive, Richard Judge, said: “Cefas continues to provide a valuable contribution towards better understanding important marine and fisheries issues through its internationally renowned science. The achievements over the past year enable us to exploit the growing need for this science. The enthusiasm, energy and expertise of our staff mean that Cefas is in a strong position to rise to the challenges ahead.”

Among the year’s achievements were:
• the development of key elements of a transformation plan – devised during Defra’s Laboratory Strategy Review – that will secure a long-term sustainable future for the agency: investment in major new laboratory facilities, a continuing drive for improved efficiency and the exploitation of complementary wider-market opportunities.
• a major agreement with Defra, which reflects the value the department places on Cefas’ contribution as a strategic public-sector partner. The agreement will provide Cefas with annual funding of nearly £30 million for ten years.
• the pivotal role played by the agency in national emergency response: to the outbreak of VHS disease in fish in North Yorkshire; the grounding of the MSC Napoli; and assisting with tracing polonium-210 during the Litvinenko incident
• further advances in research into cancer in fish: Cefas scientists collaborated with others studying human cancers to define potential similarities
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• continued strong links with the fishing industry: through the Fisheries Science Partnership
and the launch of Cefas’ Clean Fishing competition, which encouraged fishermen themselves to develop novel fishing nets and trial them at sea to achieve “cleaner catches” and fewer unwanted landings of non-commercial species
• the agency’s lead role in international science: Cefas’ Deputy CEO, Dr Joe Horwood, was elected President of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), and Dr Bob Dickson was recognised with a CBE for his work on climate change and for writing the Arctic Ocean Observing System science plan.

Copies of the Cefas Annual Report and Accounts 2006–2007 are to be placed in the library of the House of Commons at 10:00 on 25 June 2007.


1. Cefas is an internationally renowned scientific research and advisory establishment, based at Lowestoft since 1902. It also has laboratories at Burnham-on-Crouch and Weymouth, and a number of other facilities around the UK.

2. Cefas undertakes work on fisheries management, environment and biodiversity protection and aquaculture. It offers a wide range of research, advisory, consultancy, monitoring and training activities to government departments (UK and foreign, central and local), international agencies, commercial companies and aid organisations. For more detail visit the Cefas website: