One of the UK’s most sought after and biggest carp – a fish known as The Parrot – has been banked at a whopping 62lb 4oz by police officer Matt Bryant.

With a cold northerly wind blowing the 25-year-old was surprised to arrive at the Cranwells Lake syndicate on the Wasing Estate in Berkshire  to find several fish showing in just three feet of water.

He put a hook bait out in the vicinity straight away, but was also wise enough to place another 15mm Mainline Cell presentation into an 8ft deep gulley close to an island. And it was this second rod that produced the bite from The Parrot at 2am. The lake has a ten year waiting list.

The fish first broke the 60lb barrier in 2011, and has been putting on weight again this year, prompting some to believe it could challenge the current British record of 67lb 14oz.