TWO cousins who killed a man in a row over a fishing spot have each been sentenced to over 10 years in jail.
The bizarre incident occurred on the Claude Varn Bridge at Matanzas Inlet in St Johns County, Florida.
Craig Buckley (35) had been fishing at the popular spot with his three brothers over Thanksgiving weekend.
The bridge was crowded with anglers, and with lines getting tangled, James Robert Nelson, 37, approached the brothers at the southeast end of the bridge.
Craig’s brother David, 38, was preparing bait with a knife and told Nelson to back off. Nelson ran for a weapon and with his cousin Kenneth Eubanks confronted the brothers.
The fight began after David Buckley threatened to cut Eubanks and make him ‘bleed like a hog’ if he didn’t back away from a spot. The three Buckley brothers then clashed violently with the cousins to settle who would fish where.
Craig Buckley stopped breathing after kicks and punches flipped him over a wall and onto State Road A1A.
The fight ended when onlookers shouted out that Craig Buckley was not breathing. Traffic slowed as anglers waved down motorists for help. Buckley was pronounced dead at Flagler Hospital at 2:27pm.
Kenneth Eubanks, 40, Tallahassee, and James Robert Nelson, 37, Palatka, pleaded no contest to manslaughter charges. They each received 10.5 years in jail. David Buckley pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to 60 days in jail.