14th December 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft open

Moat (20 Pegs)

N Wood, Hallcroft

Island 73


With thawing ice and a cold wind conditions were tough for this sunday open. Nigel Wood found some carp feeding on end peg 73 on moat island. Nigel fished maggot and pellet on feeder for carp to 12lb

S Clark, Mansfield

Island 64


Steve Clark alternated pellet on pole at 13m and tip with hair rigged corn for 7 carp and some skimmers

J Barningham, Lincoln Whisby

Island 68


John Barningham fished waggler with maggot fo his carp net and 3rd place

S Twigg, Leegem

Island 60


S Gray, Hallcroft

Outer 54


13th Decmber 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft open

Moat (27 Pegs)

S Else, Hallcroft

Island 67


Stuart Else had a bumper saturday not only winning the match but added bonus of link peg worth £1000. Despite ice having to be cleared in the morning there was still plenty of fish caught. Stuart Else fished small feeder with hair rigged pellet for carp to 9lb

B Holmes, Matrix Trentmen

Outer 49


Ben Holmes fished maggot and pellet at 13m and 14.5m for carp and 10lb of silvers

S Quibell, Doncaster

Island 70


Steve fished pellet on pole at 8m and 13m for 8 carp to 8lb

N Potter, Leegem

Outer 46


A Oldham, Frenzee

Outer 43


11th December 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets

Moat (14 Pegs)

R Walker, Rotherham

Island 57


Robin Walker won this latest veterans match on waggler with maggot. Feeding sparingly to the middle with casters Robin caught carp to 8lb on double red maggot

I Donaldson, Notts

Island 64


Ian Donaldson stuck it out on tip with corn and pellet for 7 carp to 8lb

S Robbins, Leegem

Outer 35


Steve Robbins alternated pole and pellet and corn on feeder for carp and skimmers and 3rd place

P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks

Outer 31


B Rance, Hallcroft

Island 61


8th December 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets

Bridge (16 Pegs)

A Sellars, Bankside Tackle

Island 26


Andy Sellars fished bomb and feeder with maggots and hair rigged corn for carp to 7lb

D Sewell, James Maude AC

Outer 19


Dave Sewell continued his good run with this 2nd place. Dave fished pellet and corn at 11m for carp to 7lb

C Yves, Chesterfield

Island 18


Chuck fished a small pva bag with banded pellet for carp and skimmers

T Furby, Notts AA

Outer 27


N Wood, Hallcroft

Island 23