14th February 2016 Sunday Open Match

Moat Pool 21 pegs

D Newman, Leegem

Out 103


The bitter easterly winds have shoaled the carp up once again. Daz Newman made the most of his draw fishing meat on a pellet feeder to the far side and the middle of Moat to catch a nice winter ton plus net of carp.

N Vernon, Gainsborough

Out 98


Neil Vernon fell just shy of the ton plus mark fishing double corn on a bomb to the aerator in the middle of Moat Pool.

J Barningham, Fantackle Tastic

Out 94


John Barningham had to good spells catching carp on a feeder with pellet and corn for third overall.

S Twigg, Leegem

Isl 2


P Wright, Leegem

Isl 13


13th February 2016 Saturday Winter League

Moat Pool – 26 pegs

S Else, Newburgh AC

Out 98


Stuart Else was today’s winner fishing a small pellet feeder with either corn or banded pellets as hook baits.

G Gibson, Worksop

Out 66


Gordon Gibson took second place also fishing a tip rod for most of the match, but he used a pellet cone to good effect.

D Boswell, Bryden AC

Out 70


Dave Boswell fished hairrigged luncheon meat and corn on a bomb to the middle of Moat.

S Gray, Worksop

Out 82


T Brown, Leegem

Isl 2


11th February 2016 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat (25 Pegs)

S Robbins, Leegem

Outer 47


Despite the colder temperatures there were still some decent weights for this latest vets match. Steve Robbins fished feeder with banded pellet to the far bank for 8 carp to 10lb

A Sellars, R and R Sports

Island 58


Andy Sellars alternated pellet on waggler and bomb for his near 70lb net

G Hiley, Mansfield

Island 52


Geoff Hiley also used tip tactics to good effect catching carp to 12lb on hair rigged corn

J Hobson, Sheffield

Island 55


R Walker, Rotherham

Island 64