Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Saturday)

Moat (39 pegs)


1 N Speed, Dynamite Baits, 63-7-0; peg outer 41 Nick Speed fishing from outer 41caught carp steadily throughout the match on pole and meat over pellet at 13m for 63-7-0


2 D Slaymaker, 40-10-0;  peg outer 18

Don Slaymaker also fished the pole to take 40-10-0 of carp and skimmers with pellet.


3 S Crompton, Triana, 39-0-0; peg outer 54 Shane Crompton was third with 39-0-0


4 I Littlewood, Triana, 38-5-0;        5 A Golding, Worksop, 36-2-0;         

 6 A Cordall, Bryden, 32-7-0             




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Sunday) Moat  Outer (23 pegs)


1 N Parkinson, Dynamite Baits, 32-8-0; peg 14 Neil Parkinson caught small carp to 4lb on bomb and corn to win the match from peg 14 with 32-8-0 


2 S Gray, Worksop, 26-5-0; peg 63

Stuart Gray was second with a mixed net taken on pole and pellet for 26-5-0


3 J Wilde, Fishing Republic, 21-8-0; peg 24 Jamie Wilde caught 4 carp to bomb and corn for 21-8-0


4 A Payling, Peg One, 20-0-0



Tigra/Daiwa Hallcroft Silverfish Teams of 4 (Round 6) Bridge/Moat/Reed (52 pegs)


1 J Masson, Hallcroft Select, 15-11-0; peg Moat island 54 Jamie fished caster  and bloodworm over joker at 11m for a mixed net of roach, perch and skimmer bream.


2 D Slaymaker, Dogs Head, 13-4-0; peg Bridge outer 45 Don employed similar tactics for his mixed net of silver fish


3 S Spurr, Hallcroft Select, 12-14-0; peg Reed 33 Steve caught skimmers on pellet.


Overall Top 6 Team Positions:

1  Triana                  83 Points

2  Hallcroft Select    95 Points

3  Tigra Green       125 Points




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Monday) Reed (14 Pegs)


1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 32-8-0; peg 31

Drawn favoured peg 31 on Reed, Jamie fished pole and pellet at 11m for carp to 6lb and skimmers to 2lb to just edge the win


2 M Wilson, Triana, 29-14-0; peg 34

Second was Mark Wilson from peg 34 who fished caster and pellet on the pole for 6 carp and a few skimmers


3 I Littlewood, Triana, 28-12-0; peg 7

Ian Littlewood caught carp on bomb and corn


4 G Needham, Bircotes, 26-4-0.




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Tuesday) Moat (15 Pegs)


1 L Sears, Daiwa Hallcroft, 18-10-0; peg outer 21 Windy conditions meant that weights were going to be lower. However it still proved to be a close match with 1lb separating the top 4 anglers. Luke Sears on outer 21 fished groundbait feeder and maggot for an all skimmer net.


2 G Hammond, Retford, 18-4-0; peg island 64 George Hammond pegged 64 on the island also fished the feeder for small carp


3 A Favill, Sun Inn, 18-0-0; peg outer 6 Andy Favill weighed 18-0-0 for third spot.


4 A Sellars, GOT Baits, 17-10-0;         




Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans League (Thursday) Moat  (24 Pegs)


1 D Clegg, Britannia, 19-4-0; peg island 42 Dick Clegg had the added bonus of a £100 Golden Peg with this latest win on Moat. Dick fished groundbait feeder and maggot for carp to 6lb and skimmers to 2lb.


2 T Sears, Daiwa Hallcroft, 18-6-0; peg island 40 Terry Sears fished similarly to Dick for 18-6-0 catching 5 carp.


3 C Goulder, Peg One, 13-12-0; peg island 49 Colin Goulder was third with 13-12-0


4 J Bailey, Manchester, 13-8-0.



Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Friday) Croft (11 Pegs)


1 D Oldham, Hallcroft, 60-0-0; peg 6

This was a cracking Friday match on Croft and leading the way was Daz Oldham on peg 6. Daz fished pole and pellet at 11m for carp to 2 ½ lb for a winning weight of 60-0-0.


2 S Clarke, Mansfield, 48-14-0; peg 8

After a blank first hour Steve began to catch carp to 2lb on pole, meat and pellet at 12m and finally weighed in 48-14-0 for second place.


3 L Sears, Daiwa Hallcroft, 36-8-0; peg 4 Luke Sears was third catching carp to 4lb to feeder and maggot.