19th April 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Croft/Reed (18 Pegs)

S Cook, Sheffield

Reed 40


Steve Cook won this sunday open from reed 40. Steve fished corn and pellet short and down the edge for carp to 3lb

B Moat, Jacknbox AC

Reed 15


Barry Moat alternated feeder to the island and pole and pellet for carp to 3lb

R Teigh, Handsworth

Reed 22


Rich Teigh fished long pole and pellet and long down the edge for carp to 4lb

J Lowery, Jacknbox AC

Croft 0


R Derret, Jacknbox AC

Reed 9


19th April 2015 Leegem League rd 6

Moat (60 Pegs)

N Vernon, Gainsborough

Outer 24


Neil Vernon won this latest round from fancied peg 24 on moat outer. Neil fished banded 6 and 8mm pellet on a waggler between 2 and 4ft deep for carp into double figures

G Hazelwood, Leegem

Outer 12


Gary Hazelwood started on pole and pellet shallow and also switched to waggler tactics for his 125lb and 2nd place

P Schoof, Hallcroft

Island 2


Paul Schoof fished paste, catmeat and pellet to the reeds and on short pole for 20 carp to 7lb

R Turner, Retford

Island 14


P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks

Outer 9


18th April 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Bridge (20 Pegs)

D Whiting, Buttonhole AC

Island 26


Dave Whiting won this open on bridge pool from end peg 26. Dave fished worm over pellet and hemp to the marginal reeds for 24 carp to 8lb

P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks

Island 23


Pete Bagshaw alternated pellet and corn on short pole and corn down the edge for carp and skimmer bream

D Smith, Hallcroft

Outer 51


Dave Smith fished pellet over pellet on short pole for carp to 10lb

S Clark, mansfield

Island 19


L Hewison, Hallcroft

Island 1


17th April 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon

Moat (25 Pegs)

D Whiting, Buttonhole AC

Outer 110


Dave Whiting continued his good week with this victory. Dave fished worm and maggot over hemp for carp to 17lb

N Hirst, Leeds

Island 10


Neil Hirst alternated pellet and paste short and into the margins for his 141lb and second place

B Dales, Tuxford

Outer 98


Ben Dales came 3rd from outer 98 with 131lb. Ben fished corn and maggot down the margins for carp to 8lb

J Masson, Colmic/Marukyu

Island 18


P Schoof, Hallcroft

Outer 90


16/4/15 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets Open

Moat (35 Pegs)
M Fellows, Sheffield

Island 24


Mal Fellows won this vets match from island 24 with 65lb. Mal fished shallow waggler and short pole with pellet for carp and skimmers
D Farr, Hallcroft

Outer 110


Dave Farr also fished waggler shallow with 6mm banded pellet for his carp net for 61lb
D Whiting, Buttonhole AC

Outer 41


Dave Whiting fished worm and maggot short and in the margins for carp to 8lb
R Abbs, Notts

Outer 8

P Ware, Retford

Island 67


14th April 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open

Moat (21 Pegs)
D Whiting, Buttonhole AC

Island 42


With the continued warmer weather the carp on moat pool are beginning to feed more. Dave Whiting drew fancied area on moat island and caught double figure carp in the margins on worm over maggots and groundbait

C Owen, Parkgate Angling

Island 57


Craig Owen fished shallow with pellet and corn down the edge for his 2nd place finish
D Oldham, Maltby

Island 39


Daz Oldham fished corn and pellet on the feeder and down the edge for carp to 9lb

N Hirst, Leeds

Island 52


A Bailey, Doncaster

Outer 45


13th April 2015 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets

Bridge (17 Pegs)

M Boothby, Retford

Island 13


Martin Boothby won this close affair from bridge island 13. Martin fished pellet and corn on short pole for a mixed net of carp and bream

T Sears, Hallcroft

Island 7


Terry Sears fell just one fish behind with 77lb 14oz. Terry fished pellet over pellet at 5m for his mixed net

M Fellows, Sheffield

Island 10


Mal Fellows alternated feeder with corn and pole and pellet for 3rd place

D Whiting, Buttonhole AC

Outer 50

D Farr, Hallcroft

Island 26