Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Saturday)
Moat  (45 pegs)

1 A Cordall, Bryden, 51-13-0; peg island 4 On a day when a cold N/E wind made conditions difficult local angler Andy Cordall on island peg 4 managed a creditable weight of 51-13-0 taking mostly carp to pole and pellet at 12m, a late run of fish ensuring the win.

2 S Masson, Maver, 48-15-0;  peg island 16 Steve Masson’s weight consisted of all carp on pole and pellet at 11m

3 G Gibson, Worksop, 47-4-0; peg island 6 Gordon Gibson took 6 carp in the first 3 hours to bomb and meat then added further fish on the pole

4 P Golding, Hallcroft, 43-2-0;       5 S Spurr, Ultimate Anglers, 32-7-0;   
 6 D Slaymaker, Leicester Sensas, 26-13-0                   

Daiwa Hallcroft Open (Sunday)
Moat  (22 pegs)

1 J Urrity, Hallcroft, 41-0-0; peg outer 97 A late switch to the waggler paid dividends for John Urrity at peg 97 on the outer who caught carp to 5lb using double maggot for 41-0-0.

2 K Vickers, Merlin Baits, 27-8-0;  peg outer 85 Kev Vickers was second fishing pole and pellet at 8 and 12m for a mixed net of carp and a few good skimmers.

3 D Oldham, Hallcroft, 23-4-0; peg outer 106 Daz Oldham was third with 23-4-0

4 P Morgan, Triana North, 22-14-0;       5 G Mumby, Triana North, 20-9-0;    
6 N Speed, Dynamitein Baits, 19-4-0                   

Leegem Series Round 3 (Sunday)
Moat  (50 pegs)

1 Chuck Hawkins, Leegem, 26-12-0; peg island 6 All 4 anglers fished pole and pellet.

2 Graham Lilley, Leegem, 19-10-0; peg island 26

3 Mal Edgecombe, Hallcroft, 16-9-0; peg island 4

4 Pete Bagshaw, Maver Barnsley, 16-6-0               


Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Monday) Bridge (16 Pegs)

1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 50-6-0; peg island 6 Leading the way was Jamie Masson on Bridge island peg 6 who fished pole and pellet for 12 carp plus some skimmers.

2 P Morgan, Triana North, 39-14-0; peg outer 39 Phil Morgan, outer peg 39, also fished pole and pellet but skimmers to 1½lb made up his catch of 39-14-0.

3 A Favill, Sun Inn, 37-12-0; peg island 3 Andy Favill alternated pellet and corn for a mixed net of carp and skimmers

4 M Cordall, Retford, 28-10-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Tuesday pm) Moat Outer (18 Pegs)

1 N Speed, Dynamite Baits, 65-13-0; peg outer 76 This first afternoon match saw some impressive skimmer bream nets. Nick Speed included 54lb of skimmer bream to 3lb in his winning bag of  65-13-0 catching on pole and pellet at 6 and 12m.

2 S Robbins, Leegem, 60-12-0; peg outer 100 Steve Robbins alternated pellet and corn short at 5m for 60-12-0 ,which included 50lb of skimmers.

3 J Ashwell, Retford, 42-11-0; peg outer 84 John used similar tactics to Nick for 42-11-0

4 K Vickers, Merlin Baits, 38-10-0;     5 B Pallister, Acomb Tackle, 28-8-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Wednesday) Moat (26 Pegs)

1 C Cooper, Leegem, 57-4-0; peg island 2 Colin Cooper won his first Hallcroft match with 57-4-0. Drawn on peg 2 of the island Colin fished pellet and corn at 12m for 16 carp to 4lb.

2 P Morgan, Triana North, 49-12-0; peg outer 71 Phil Morgan came second with an all skimmer net of 49-12-0. He fished pole and pellet at 5 and 12m

3 G Bennett, Peg One, 45-11-0; peg island 8 Geoff Bennett had a mixed net of skimmers and carp

4 Franco Pezzulo, Daiwa Dons, 41-6-0;      5 A Payling, Peg One, 38-12-0;    
  6 S Robbins, Leegem, 35-4-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans League (Thursday) Moat (26 Pegs)

1 A Payling, Peg One, 27-5-0; peg outer 74 This was a tight match with only 5lb separating the top five. Out in front was Arnie Payling from outer 74 who fished pole and pellet at 8m for all skimmers.

2 K Noble, Retford, 26-12-0; peg island 27 A close second was Keith Noble with 26-12-0. Keith alternated pellet and corn at 7m for carp to 4lb.

3 R Turner, Retford, 25-9-0; peg outer 48 Reg Turner fished pellet at 12m for carp and skimmers

4 H Barton, Retford, 23-8-0;      5 K Walters, Retford, 21-14-0

Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Friday pm) Moat (24 Pegs)

1 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 125-6-0; peg outer 94 On a day when the top ten weights exceeded 40lb Jamie Masson had a comfortable win in this first Friday afternoon match of the Spring. From peg 94 on the outer he fished pole at 12 and 6m to take a steady stream of carp to 6lb on pellet at full depth.

2 G Bennett, Peg One, 71-14-0; peg island 9 Geoff Bennett on island peg 9 fished short at 6m with pellet for a creditable 71-14-0 of carp and skimmers.

3 N Shipman, Hallcroft, 59-6-0; peg island 5 Nigel Shipman took third spot with 59-6-0, a mixed net.

4 K Noble, Retford, 50-13-0;    5 D Oldham, Hallcroft, 49-8-0;       6 P
Cooper, Goldthorpe, 47-7-0      

Pleasure Fishing :

Milder weather has seen an upturn in the fishing at Hallcroft this past week.
Most noticeable have been the impressive skimmer/bream bags including Nick Speed’s 55lb of them in his winning net last Tuesday.  There have also been no fewer than 20 other 40lb plus nets of skimmers throughout the whole week.
Moat and Bridge Pools are consistently providing mixed sport of carp and silverfish to a variety of baits including pellet, corn, maggots and casters.
Reed Pool is still producing double figure carp with pellet and corn the best baits.
Finally Croft Pool continues to provide plenty of bites from the smaller carp to 2 ½lb on pole and feeder tactics.

Match News :
Tuesday and Friday afternoon matches have started . 
Draw 12pm. Fish 1-6pm.

Veterans Summer League starts Thursday 26th April. Draw 9.30am.
10 match series, best 7 count.
£10 entry + pools each match. £100 Golden Peg.