Daiwa Hallcroft Silver/Carp (Saturday)

Moat (35 pegs)


1 G Bennett, Peg One, 91-0-0; peg island 64 Geoff fished Pellet on the long pole at 13m and caught all carp up to 8lbs for his winning weight of 91-0-0.


2 S Clark, Mansfield Sensas, 82-2-0; peg outer 20 Second placed Steve opted for bomb with hair-rigged corn today and also caught all carp in his 82-2-0.


3 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 74-10-0; peg island 46 Andy fished on a maggot feeder to the middle and the far bank to catch his 74-10-0.


4 J Masson, Maver BCUK, 66-6-0;        5 T Pickering, Preston Innovations,

56-0-0;  6 P Bagshaw, Maver Barnsley, 44-6-0




Tigra/Daiwa Hallcroft Silverfish Teams of 4 (Round 3) Bridge/Moat/Reed (52 pegs)


1 Gary Mumby, Triana, 18-2-0

Gary fished bloodworm and joker and caught Roach, but switched to pellet in the last hour and caught bonus Bream.


2 Nick Speed, Merlin Sensas, 17-2-0

Nick fished the pole at 12m on pellet and caster and caught a mixed net of roach and skimmers


3 Neil Vernon, Team Slop, 16-8

Neil fished pellet on the pole at 9m and caught mainly skimmers in his net of fish


Overall Top 6 Team Positions:

1  Hallcroft Select    40 Points

2  Triana North        48 Points

3  Hallcroft Red       51 Points

4  Team Dogshead   60 Points

5  Tigra Green          63 Points

6  Team Slop            64 Points   





Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Monday) Bridge (12 Pegs)


1 S Crompton, Peg One, 35-4-0; peg outer 42 The outcome of this match hinged on two carp, one landed and one lost at the net. Shane Crompton managed to bag an 8lb carp on light tackle to weigh 35-4-0 of carp and skimmers to pole and small pellet.


2 B Rance, Retford Honda, 34-1-0; peg island 10 Barry Rance unfortunately lost a similar sized fish . He caught mainly bream to 4lb on caster at 5m for 34-1-0


3 G Bennett, Peg One BCUK, 22-3-0; peg outer 45 Geoff Bennett took third spot with 22-3-0.




Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Wednesday) Moat (23 Pegs)


1 S Robbins, Leegem, 45-15-0;  peg outer 26 Steve Robbins, outer peg 26, fished bomb and corn to take four carp early on.

A switch to pole and pellet produced another five to give a winning weight of 45-15-0.


2 A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 40-4-0; peg island 46 Andy Sellars was just one fish behind  landing carp to 8lb on feeder and maggot for 40-4-0.


3 P Morgan, Triana North, 37-6-0;

Closely following and in third place was Phil Morgan.


4 P Cross, Grimsby, 30-0-0;         5 G Bennett, Peg One BCUK, 29-6-0;       

  6 N Speed, Merlin Dynamite, 28-14-0.




Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans League (Thursday) Moat  (28 Pegs)


1 C Veasey, Peg One, 48-8-0; peg island 61 This was another tight veteran’s match with only 12oz separating the top three. Chris Veasey on the island peg 61 fished pole and pellet at 11m for carp to 6lb to edge the win with 48-8-0


2 L Richmond, Retford, 48-6-0; peg island 68 Just 2oz behind was Les Richmond from peg 68 on the island. Les used similar tactics to Chris.


3 C Goulder, Peg One, 47-12-0; peg outer 44

A further 10oz back was Colin Goulder, taking third spot.     


4 R Paterson, Richards Bedroom Supplies, 35-2-0;      5 K Noble, Hallcroft,

28-9-0;       6 R Mitchell, Hallcroft, 22-8-0.