Monday 2 April 2012: Diawa Hallcroft Vetrans Bridge Pool (12 pegs)

1st    C Line, Hallcroft, peg outer 14, 94-0-0 Chris won this latest vets Monday match with 94 lb.  He fished pellet waggler at 3 foot deep for 15 carp; some into double figures.

2nd    R Turner, Retford, peg island 14, 71-12-0 Reg fished short pole with casters and maggots for an impressive net of skimmer/bream.  He caught skimmers to 3 lb making up his second place weight of 71-12-0.

3rd    D Evans, Hallcroft, peg island 17, 61-4-0 Dave used pellets for a mixed bag of fish including carp and skimmers.

Tuesday 3 April 2012: Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon OpenMoat Pool (18 pegs)

1st    S Robbins, MapLeegem, peg island 43, 68-10-0 Steve won this latest Tuesday afternoon open with 68-10-0.  He alternated corn and pellet on short pole over pellet feed for ten carp and a few skimmer/bream.
2nd    R Teigh, Handsworth, peg outer 55, 60-6-0 Rich opted to fish long pole with meat and caught five carp and 20 lb of skimmers for his weight of 60-6-0.
3rd    A Oldham, Maltby, peg outer 41, 59-8-0 Andy caught a majority of his fish in the margins in the latter part of the match.  He fished corn over groundbait for carp to 8 lb. 
4th    N Speed, Shimano/Dynamite, 53-0-0            
5th    C Line, Hallcroft, 47-10-0 

Thursday 5 April 2012, Daiwa Hallcroft Vetrans MatchBridge and Croft Pools (35 pegs)

1st    C Line, Hallcroft, peg island 7, 65-10-0 After the previous days cold sleet and rain, fishing was tougher than of late.  Chris Line continues his good run with this victory.  He used his favoured pellet-waggler method for eight carp to 10 lb.
2nd    D Downes, Killamarsh, peg island 4, 31-2-0 Dave fished 4 mm expander pellet over micro-feed at 10 m and 5 m for two carp and 20 lb of skimmer/bream.
3rd    N Wood, Hallcroft, croft peg 7, 26-8-0 Nigel was the best weight on the day off croft with 26-8-0.  He fished caster and maggot over ground bait at 12 m for skimmers and tench.

4th    P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks, 23-12-0        

5th    T Furby, Notts, 21-12-0 

Friday 6 April 2012, Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon MatchMoat Pool (37 pegs)
1st    G Gibson, Worksop, peg outer, 26, 85-8-0 With a cold wind sweeping acros Moat Pool, conditions were far from ideal for fishing.  Gordon Gibson, however, managed to find some carp from outer peg 26.  He fished tip with cat meat and cat meat into the margins for ten carp to 14 lb. 
2nd    P McIntyre, BaitTech, peg island 17, 76-0-0 Paul fished short pole and pellet alternating meat corn and pellet on the hook for ten carp and a few skimmers. 
3rd    D Boswell, Retford, peg island 13, 72-12-0 Dave also used tip tactics.  He fished pellet-cone with corn and meat for seven carp to double figures. 

4th    B Holmes, Fox Trentmen, 70-4-0                    

5th    P Miles, Doncaster, 65-12-0 

Sunday 8 April 2012,  Daiwa Hallcroft OpenBridge Island (15 pegs) 

1st     J Masson, Maver/ Marukyu, Peg 7, 127-12-0 Jamie drew favoured peg 7 on bridge island and made no mistake with 127-12-0. Jamie fished shallow with meat and pellet for carp to 10lb 

2nd    M Brownall, Hallcroft, Peg 10, 117-4-0 Mick also opted for shallow tactics but fell just short of the winner with 117lb. Mick used mainly pellet at 13m for his carp dominated net. 

3rd     P Miles, Doncaster, Peg 20, 54-8-0 Pete Miles fished short pole with pellet and maggot over groundbait for an impressive net of roach and skimmers 

4th     S Clark, Mansfield, 53-14-0 5 K Baxter, Sheffield, 53-2-0 

Sunday 8 April 2012 Map Leegem/Marukyu League Moat Pool (60 Pegs) 

1st     B Holmes, Dynamite Matrix Trentmen, Peg Outer 21, 145-5-0 Big weights continue to dominate the Map Leegem league and this match was no exception. Ben Holmes drew 21 on Moat Outer abnd opted to fish paste at 13m. Ben caught carp steadily all match ending with 16 specimens to 11lb 

2nd     G Mumby, Hallcroft, Peg Outer 24, 115-14-0 Gary opted for shallow meat on long pole. He caught carp to 12lb alternating between 2ft and 4ft deep, he fed 2 pints of meat continually throughout the day. 

3rd     J Simms, Map Leegem, Peg Island 2, 72-7-0 Joe fished into the margins with corn and pellet for mainly small carp and a few skimmer bream 

4th     D Slaymaker, Map Leegem, 67-12-0         5th P Wright, Map Leegem, 61-13-0 6 N Vernon, Map Leegem, 57-13-0