Monday 9th April 2012, Daiwa Hallcroft Bank Holiday Open Match.
Moat Pool (30 Peg)
1st G Hiley (Mansfield), 94-4-0, Outer 23
Geoof opted to fish pole at 13m with paste over pellet. Using green swimwtim Geoff caught 15 carp steadily all match for his winning weight of 94lb
2nd K Hardy (Map Leegem), 67-14-0, Outer 27
Kev Hardy also chose to fish paste hard on the deck for his second place weight of 67-14-0
3rd R Teigh (Handsworth), 54-14-0, Outer 44
Rich fished pole and meat at 13m for a 50/50 mix of carp to 7lb and skimmers
4th W Lomas (Map Leegem), 49-10-0 5th P Bagshaw (Barnsley Blacks), 47-8-0
Tuesday 10th April, Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
1st A Oldham (Maltby), 73-13-0, Island 7
Andy alternated fishing waggler shallow with meat towards the aerator and meat on short pole at 6m. Andy caught 10 carp to double figures.
2nd R Abbs (Notts), 53-13-0, Island 4
Ray fished catmeat at 8m for 6 carp including a specimen nearly 20lbs
3rd A Beresord (Map Leegem), 53-12-0, Outer 13
Arthur also caught majority of his weight on pellet waggler alternating corn, meat and 8mm pellet
4th D Oldham (Maltby), 50-11-0 5th S Robbins (Map Leegem), 48-6-0
12TH April 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
1st S Twigg (Map Leegem), 83-10-0, Outer 24
A strong north wind put pay to consistent fishing in this latest Vets open. However Steve Twigg managed to find some feeding on the favoured spinner peg outer 24. Steve used paste and waggler for carp to 10lb
2nd P Bagshaw (Barnsley Blacks), 40-7-0, Island 30
Pete finished second using maggot on short pole and later switched to margins with corn for 4 carp to 9lb
3rd J Simms (Map Leegem), 38-8-0, Outer 49
Joe fished pellet and corn at 6m and in the margins for carp and skimmers
4th A Parrat (Barnsley), 35-14-0 5th P Topham (Hallcroft), 34-10-0

Friday 13th April 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
1st A Oldham (Maltby), 115-14-0, Island 17
Andy Oldham made it two wins out of two in this latest Friday open. Andy fished meat on long pole for 10 carp and later switched to margins with worms and corn for 5 carp
2nd R Austin (Halkon Hunt), 112-4-0, Island 35
Rob also fished meat on long pole alternating shallow and deck fishing for 13 carp and a few skimmers
3rd R Teigh (Handsworth), 85-15-0, Island 26
Rich Teigh came third also using long pole to good effect. Rich alternated 6mm pellet and meat for carp to 8lb
4th S Clark (Mansfield), 79-4-0 5th D Nicholls (Mansfield), 70-12-0

Tuesday 10th April 2012, Daiwa Hallcroft PM Open Match
Bridge Pool (24 pegs)
1st A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 73-14-0; peg Isl 7
Andy Oldham fished luncheon meat on the pole at 13m and also caught a couple of carp on a pellet waggler to win this Tuesday’s match.
2nd R Abbs, Hallcroft, 53-13-0; peg Isl 4
Ray Abbs edged the close second spot with a net of big carp caught on a short pole line using big bait tactics over feed pellets.
3rd A Berisford, MAP Leegem, 53-12-0; peg Out 13
Arthur Berisford fished a pellet waggler to the middle of moat to catch carp too 7lbs plus for third spot.
4th D Oldham, MAP Leegem, 50-11-0; 5th S Robbins, MAP Leegem, 48-6-0;

Thursday 11th April 2012, Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans’s Match
Moat Pool (31 pegs)
1st B Perkins, Retford, 44-11-0; peg Outer 27
Brod Perkins was today’s winner with a net of carp and Skimmers all caught on a banded pellet fished with a groundbait feeder to the middle of Moat.
2nd C Line, Retford, 37-0-0; peg Island 52
Chris Line took second place with a net of all skimmer bream taken on the pole at 8m using Caster and groundbait.
3rd D Slaymaker, Baittech, 31-2-0; peg Island 40
Don Slaymaker edged the close third place also with all silvers taken on maggots and casters.
4th P Bagshaw, Maver, 30-12-0; 5th A Sellars, Bankside Tackle, 30-9-0;
6th R Turner, Retford, 25-12-0.

Saturday 14th April 2012, Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match
Moat Pool Island (18 pegs)
1st J Masson, Maver Marukyu, 82-11-0; peg 5
Jamie Masson edged first place by just one ounce in today’s match. Jamie fished the pole at 13m shallow using pellets and luncheon meat to catch all carp in his winning net.
2nd D Dare, Marukyu, 82-10-0; peg 14
Dave Dare took second spot fishing the waggler shallow with banded pellet and the pole to the margins using expander pellet over groundbait.
3rd S Clark, Mansfield Sensas, 79-9-0; peg 47
Steve Clark took third spot with a mixed net of carp and skimmers using 6mm expander pellet over 4mm feed pellets.
4th G Mumby, Hallcroft, 68-1-0; 5th G Gibson, Worksop, 60-12-0-;
6th P Bagshaw, Maver, 42-11-0;

Sunday 15th April 2012, MAP Leegem Marukyu League Round 6
Moat Pool (60 pegs)
1st T Brown, MAP Leegem,67-3-0; Island 14 (Derbyshire) g
Tony Brown was today’s winner in what turned out to be a close finish. Tony fished hairrigged corn on the feeder to the middle of moat and took first spot by ounces and was fortunate enough to be on a golden peg, which netted him an extra £500 on top of his winnings.
2nd P Wright, MAP Leegem, 67-1-0; Outer 24 (Derbyshire)
Phil Wright finished second place fishing similar tactics, but used meat as well as corn with a groundbait feeder to catch carp too 9lbs.

3rd S Spurr, MAP Leegem, 56-1-0; Island 11 (Notts)
Steve Spurr took third spot fishing meat on a bomb, catching carp and bream.
4th D Oldham, MAP Leegem, 49-9-0; 5th M Bowskill, MAP Leegem, 44-10-0;

Sunday 15th April, Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match
Bridge Pool (19 pegs)
1st A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 73-12-0; peg Isl 23
Andy Oldham’s good form continued today with a nice mixed net of carp and silvers all caught on the pole at 13m using loose fed 6mm cubed luncheon meat at varying depths.
2nd M Brownell, Mosborough, 69-3-0; peg Isl 20
Mick Brownell took second place fishing banded pellet shallow on the pole at 14m, loose feeding 4mm feed pellets.
3rd P Stanley, Handsworth, 62-9-0; peg Out 59
Pete Stanley caught carp from the margins using corn over pellets on the pole to finish third place today.
4th P Miles, Doncaster, 43-12-0; 5th K Baxter, Mosborough, 40-12-0;
6th L Hardwick, Mosborough, 37-0-0