Daiwa Hallcroft (Tuesday)
Moat Island (19 pegs)
1 J Masson (Maver/Maryuku) 166-2-0 Peg 59
Jamie drew favoured peg 59 on moat island and made no mistake with 166lb plus weight. Fishing ground bait and maggots to the next platform Jamie caught carp steadily throughout the match with specimens up to 15lb
2 S Cook (Retford) 96-14-0 Peg 56
Steven fished paste over pellet feed at 13m for carp to 9lb
3 J Simms (Map Leegem) 60-12-0 Peg 66
Joe used pellet on short pole for a mixed net of carp and skimmers
4 S Spurr (East Markham) 54-14-0
Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans League(Thursday)
Moat (40 pegs)
1 A Sellars (Bankside) 80-4-0 Outer peg 32
Andy continued his good form with this victory from outer 32.Andy fished punched meat on the waggler shallow for 10 carp to 10lb
2 R Harris (Sheffield) 70-6-0 Outer 54
Ray fished corn meat and pellet at 6m and 13m for mainly carp to 8lb with a few skimmers.
3 B Sullivan (Maltby) 69-8-0 Outer 42
Brian fished pellet cone down the middle with meat and corn hook baits for carp to 7lb
4 P Topham (Sheffield) 49-14-0 ; 5 J Simms (Map Leegem) 48-6-0
Daiwa Hallcroft (Friday)
Moat (32 pegs)
1 J Masson (Maver/Maryuku) 168-0-0 Peg Outer 79
Jamie won this high weight match with 168lb. Fishing into the margins with maggots and worms over ground bait and maggots Jamie caught carp up to 18lb
2 G Gibson (Map Leegem ) 135-15-0 Peg Island 17
Gordon also used margins to good effect but used corn and catmeat hook baits for 16 carp to 10lb
3 M Watson (Map Leegem) 127-0-0 Peg Island 44
Martin used worms and maggots short and down the edge for carp into double figures.
4 A Favill(Tuxford) 90-14-0 ; 5 D Oldfield (Plough AC) 77-15-0;
Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match (Saturday)
Moat (21 pegs)
1 S Clark, Mansfield, 278-12-0; peg outer 17 Notts
Moat Pool continues to produce impressive weights and Steve Clark made the most of his windward end peg smashing the venue record by 20lb. Steve fished worm and maggot in the margins for 40 plus carp to 15lb
2 S Gray, Worksop, 133-12-0; peg island 32 Notts
Stuart Gray on island 32 fished paste over hemp and pellet feed at 11m for 16 carp to 10lb
3 P McIntyre, Baitech, 101-14-0; peg outer 27 S Yorks
Third place went to Paul McIntyre who also fished paste for his ton plus weight
4 D Whiting, Buttonhole AC, 71-14-0; Cambs 5 D Dare, Blidworth, 61-12-0; Notts 6 P Bagshaw, Maver Barnsley, 48-14-0; Derbys
7 M McIntyre, S Yorks
8 L Poulsford, Yorks
Daiwa Hallcroft Tournament League (Sunday)
Moat Outer/Reed (38 pegs)
1 S Gray, Worksop, 154-0-0; peg Reed 33 Notts
Stuart Gray continued his good form this weekend with a victory from Reed Pool. Stuart fished paste at 6 and 13m for carp to 10lb
2 S Clark, Mansfield, 107-12-0; peg Moat 85 Notts
Steve Clark fished worm over groundbait at 13m and later on short pole for 12 carp and 30lb of skimmer bream
3 G Hazlewood, Vale AC, 80-15-0; peg Moat 27 Derbys
Gary Haxlewood caught shallow at 14m with pellet for 15 carp to 8lb
4 D Oldham, Daiwa Hallcroft, 78-12-0; S Yorks 5 A Beresford, MAP Leegem, 68-14-0; S Yorks? 6 E Hiley, Peg One, 59-2-0; Derbys
7 K Baxter, S Yorks
8 W Lomas, S Yorks