18th August 2013 Sunday Open Match
Moat Pool – 42 pegs

N Vernon (Gainsborough)
Island 38
Neil Vernon romped to the win in this well attended sundayb open. Neil fished pellet cone and later corn into the margins over pellets for carp to 10lb
L Hewison (Map Leegem)
Outer 72
Lee Also used pellet cone tactics. Using micros with hair rigged corn and pellet Lee caught carp steadily all day
K Baxter (Mosborough Tackle)
Outer 68
Kev fished banded 6mm pellet over 6mm feed pellet for carp and skimmers and third place
S Robbins (Map Leegem)
Island 14
P Miles (Doncaster)
Outer 86

17th August 2013 Saturday Open Match 
Bridge Pool – 16 pegs

S Clark, Mansfield Sensas
B Isl 26
Steve Clark fished the margins with worms over groundbait to devistating effect today with a great ton-plus net of carp. 
L Wolstenholme, Sheffield
B Out 39
Lee Wolstenholme caught carp and bream on short pole with paste and cat,meat for second spot
D Whiting, Button Hole AC
B Out 44
Third place fell to Dave Whiting who caught well late on down the margins with paste. 
G Gibson, Worksop
B Out 23
G Mumby, MAP Leegem
B Isl 17 

16th August 2013 Friday, PM Open Match

T Bucknall, Leeds
Croft 9
Tony Bucknall fished paste on the pole at 10m where he netted carp and bream in his winning net today
M Kilkenny, Leeds
Croft 24
Mick Kilkenny also fished paste today to good effect as he edged second place. Mick caught carp too 6lbs.
W Plant, Rotherham
B Outer 58
Wes Plant took third spot, fishing corn over pellet to the margins and landed carp up too 8lbs.
A Bailey, Doncaster
B Outer 42
G Gibson, Worksop
B Island 10

15th August 2013 Thursday Veterans Match
Moat Pool – 36 pegs

N Wood, MAP Leegem
Outer 19
In what turned out a tough match today, Nigel Wood came out on top despite loosing several carp. Nigel fished maggot and groundbait to catch carp too 7lbs 
J Harris
Island 16
Jet Harris fished short pole with pellet and paste to take second place today
P Bagshaw, Barnsley
Island 20
Pete Bagshaw fished pellet cone to the middle of moat and caught carp and bream for third.
G Hiley, Mansfield
Island 37
R Holmes, Notts AA
Island 65

14th August 2013 Wednesday Summer Junior Match
Canal Pool

Josh Harte
16 25-12-0
Dale Woodcock
13 22-0-0
Cameron Preece
9 18-8-0
Jake Amadola
5 17-10-0
Luke Woodcock
1 16-2-0
Rosie Muxlow
20 15-2-0

13th August 2013 Tuesday PM Costcutter Open
Moat Pool – 26 pegs

C Line, Retford Angling Sup.
Island 39
Chris Line netted another ton plus weight of carp edge a close match. Chris fished corn over pellet to the margins where he netted carp too 10lbs.
S Robbins, MAP Leegem
Island 42
Steve Robbins came to form today with a second place ton plus net of carp. Steve also used corn, but caught on short pole as well as the margins.
J Hobson, Sheffield
Outer 51
Jack Hobson fished cat meat over 6mm pellets at 10m on the pole to take third spot today.
L Hewison, MAP Leegem
Island 46
P Christie, Rotherham
Island 48
A Berisford, MAP Leegem
Outer 9

12th August 2013 Monday Veterans Costcutter 
Bridge/Croft – 24 pegs

K Pacey, Gainsborough
Croft 21
Ken Pacey fished pellet and paste at 6m and 13m on the pole for a fantastic mixed ton plus net of carp, tench and skimmers.
P Schoof, MAP Leegem
B Out 36
Paul Schoof took second place with his first ton plus net of the year. Paul caught carp using green paste over hemp and pellets.
N Wood, MAP Leegem
Croft 9
Nigel Wood edged third spot with carp and silvers caught on red maggot over groundbait at 8m on the pole.
I Temple, Retford
B Isl 8
C Line, Retford Angling Sup.
B Out 46