Croft Pool (28 pegs) is a good place to start on the pole with stockies to 2lb used to Hallcroft’s own brand of pellets as they get fed on ’em every day. Also try maggot on the hook and don’t ignore a maggot feeder with deads on the hook. Moat Pool (190) is a case of fishing to any features, such as the anchored islands, or the ‘Spinners’ (aerators) which ensure there is always water movement. Bigger carp might just show an interest though so beef-up your tackle in case a lump arrives on the scene. For silver fish on the pole, maggot is as good as anything, with the exception of ‘the little red men’. Anglers often use frozen B & J to good effect, so don’t discard any live stuff after a weekend match, and get the best of both worlds if a short pleasure session is in the offing. The 3 Stock Ponds (30 pegs in total) are interlinked, sheltered, and can be great fun … youngsters take note! Carp, roach to 1lb- plus, skimmers and plenty of perch (some are big stripeys) will give great sport on the rod ‘n’ line or pole fished at just 8 metres. Fish tight to the reeds and your best bet is a single tin of sweetcorn. Day tickets are good value at £5, with OAPs/disabled £4.50 and ‘oiks’ only £4. Steve Spurr runs the on-site tackle shop ‘Ultimate Anglers’ tel: 01777 719911. Contact owners Terry, Luke or Nick Sears on 01777 710448 for club and match bookings. The spacious cafeteria serves up hot grub and drinks throughout the day and a welcome hot toddy at the end of a bagging session! Daiwa Hallcroft also has 20 pegs on the adjacent River Idle that can be fished on the same day ticket, and anglers might fancy a few hours of river sport before the close season comes into operation, catching chub to 3lb (average 1lb), dace, roach and the odd barbel. Take a pint of maggots and some mashed bread with a few slices. Visit the website at:


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