Here are the results from todays Golden Rod Open held on Willow Lake
18 fished
John Pratt    Peg 34
Weight    9lb 14oz
Bait    pinkie/ground bait size 26 hook
Fished    pole at 15M
Caught    perch, chublets & hybrid carp
John comes from Grat Paxton
Brian Walker    Peg 26
Weight    9lb 3oz
Bait    maggot
Fished    pole at 10 M
Caught    carp & chub
Brian comes from Witchford
Norman Oakes    Peg 29
Weight    6lb 12oz
Bait    maggot
Fished    waggler, 10-12 metres out
Caught    chub & perch
Norman comes from Witchford
Next weeks match will be on Willow