Monday 4th February 2013 Daiwa Hallcrof Veterans
Bridge Outer Pool (8 Pegs)

1 G Hiley, Peg One Angling; peg 12; 21-2-0Strong cold winds made conditions far from ideal for this latest monday match. Geoff fished maggot and small pellet on groundbait feeder for 1 carp and 15lb of skimmers
2 I Donaldson, Notts; peg 24; 14-14-0Ian waited for the last hour for most of his skimmer net. Switching to caster over groundbait for skimmers to 2lb
3 I Temple, Retford, peg 15; 8-9-0Ian used maggot on waggler for mainly roach and odd perch 

Thursday 7th February 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans
Moat Pool (27 Pegs)

1 J Wolff; Sherwood Forest; Peg Island 70; 41-1-0John Wolff secured this victory from unfancied peg 70 on Moat Island. John fished long pole with corn over micro pellet for 6 carp, the biggest weighing 12lb.
2 D Clegg, Brittania; Peg Island 73; 26-8-0Second place went to regular Dick Clegg. Dick fished small feeder with pellet and pellet on the pole for 5 carp to 6lb
3 R Smith, Peg One Angling; Peg Island 64; 18-15-0Roy also used tip ntactics catching 3 carp on hair rigged corn
4 J Urruty, Radcliffe on Trent; 11-13-0 5 N Wood, Hallcroft; 9-14-0
Friday 8th February 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Croft (10 Pegs)

1 J Masson, Maver/Maryuku; Peg 4; 14-10-0Although the weights were lower than of late this was a close match on croft pool. Jamie Masson just got the verdict with 14lb 10 oz. Jamie fished maggot on pole and bomb for his silverfish net
2 A Bailey, Doncaster; Peg 6; 14-6-0 Andy used small pellet over micros on pole for 1 carp and skimmers to 1lb
3 P Miles, Doncaster; Peg 8; 11-12-0Pete used maggot and pellet on pole for skimmers and roach
4 R Teigh, Handsworth, 9-12-0 5 C LIne, Retford, 6-12-0

Saturday 9th Feb 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match
16 pegs (Moat islandl)

1. G Mumby, Retford, 113-5-0; peg 67Despite an overnight frost the carp dominated this Saturday match. Gary Mumby alternated pellet and corn over micro pellet at 13m for carp to 7lb
2. P Miles, Doncaster, Doncaster, 78-0-0; peg 61Pete Miles fished bomb and corn for his carp net
3. A Oldham. Halkon Hunt, 68-0-0; peg 70Andy Oldham fished similarly to Gary
4. P Bagshaw, Maver, 60-0-0; 

Sunday 10th February 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match,
Croft (10 pegs)

1. G Westwater, Map Marukyu, 47-4-0; peg 27Gary Westwater caught all carp to feeder, pellet and corn 
2. D Newman, Map Leegem, 27-12-0, peg 4Darryl Newman fished pellet cone for carp and skimmers
3. J Skipper, Gainsborough, 18-8-0; peg 19

Sunday 10th February 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Silverfish match
Moat/Bridge (32 pegs)

1st Leon Hardwick, Dunlop Team Worksop, 36-6-0; peg B outer 37Leon Hardwick fished bloodworm over joker at 13m for his bream and skimmer net
2nd Mick Brownell, Dunlop Team Worksop, 18-11-0; peg B island 4Mick Brownell fished similar tactics from Bridge Island and caught bream and perch for 18-11-0
3rd G Mumby, Maver, 16-2-0; peg B island 16Gary Mumby took third spot with an all skimmer net fishing bloodworm over joker
4th Ian Temple, Hallcroft Vets, 16-0-0; 
5th Dave Hiley, Peg One, 14-14-0
Gibson, 10-6-0.

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