15th February 2014 Sunday Open Match
Moat Pool – 27 pegs
S Twigg, MAP Leegem Out 6 84-0-0A change in the weather conditions has seen more feeding carp today. Steve Twigg made the most of his peg today by sticking to corn on a feeder to the far reeds and netted carp too 9lbs in his winning bag.
P Elliott, MAP Leegem Out 21 38-6-0Paul Elliott edged second spot with a nice mixed net of carp and bream caught using expander pellet on the pole at 12m.
P Bagshaw, Team Frenzee Out 56 35-9-0Pete Bagshaw took third place with carp and skimmers caught using banded pellet and dead maggot on the feeder.
G Mumby, Team Frenzee Out 52 33-12-0
M Edgecombe, MAP Leegem Isl 61 30-2-0

14th February 2014 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat Pool – 27 pegs
A Oldham (Frenzee) Island 40 45-3-0Andy Oldham won this latest saturday open with an impressive skimmer net. Andy fished pole and expander pellet over micros at 14m for skimmers to 3lb
G Gibson (Max Tackle) Outer 26 31-14-0Gordon opted for a feeder approach alternating pelleta nd hair rigged corn for a mixed net of carp and skimmers
S Robbins (Map Leegem) Island 64 23-10-0Steve Robbins fished bomb and corn for 5 carp and a few skimmers
P Miles (Doncaster) Island 52 20-10-0
G Mumby (Retford) Island 43 18-0-0

13th February 2014 Thursday Veterans Winter League 
Moat Pool – 27 pegs
A Sellars, R&R Sports Isl 67 21-0-0The heavy overnight rain and strong winds definately affected the fishing on Moat today as even the silverfish were not playing ball. Andy Sellars stuck to tip fishing and netted carp using maggot and ground bait feeder to win today.
R Holmes, Notts AA Isl 61 18-0-0Roger Holmes also used a feeder for most of the match today, and netted a decent bonus carp to to help him too second spot.
T Furby, Notts AA Out 29 12-8-0Trevor Furby was third today with carp and a few silvers caught on bomb and maggot.
10th February 2014 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Moat Island – 13 pegs
C Line, Retford Angling Centre 70 30-2-0Chris Line continued his recent good form with victory in today’s veterans match. Chris caught carp on the tip with corn and banded pellet.
T Brown, MAP Leegem 64 26-4-0Tony Brown finished second with carp and silvers caught on pole and maggot over groundbait.
B Sullivan, MAP Leegem 61 18-10-0Brian Sullivan fished pellet cone to catch bream and skimmers for third spot.