2nd February 2014 Sunday Team of 4 Silverfish League Rnd 10
Moat/Bridge Island – 32 pegs
J Barningham, Harrisons Tackle B Isl 13 18-1-0John Barningham edged the close victory in today’s silverfish match with a nice net of roach, perch and skimmers. John fished dead maggot over groundbait on a 10m pole line.
L Sears, Daiwa Marukyu M Out 17 17-15-0Luke Sears finished second with a nice net of skimmers all caught on expander pellet over micros at 11m on the pole.
N Sears, Daiwa Hallcfroft B Isl 7 16-15-0NIck Sears fished a small banded pellet on a groundbait feeder to the middle of Bridge for third place overall.
G Mumby, Team Frenzee M Isl 50 16-8-0
A Oldham, Frenzee M Out 11 15-8-0
Overall Team top 3 teams –  1st Team Frenzee, 2nd Daiwa Drawbags, 3rd Peg One

1st February 2014 Saturday Carp/Silverfish Open Match
Moat Pool – 19 pegs
A Oldham, Frenzee Isl 64 44-14-0The Severe windy condition ruled out pole fishing for most anglers today and Andy Oldham was one who opted to stay on the tip all day. Andy landed carp to 9lbs in his winning net caught using punched meat on a pellet feeder.
S Robbins, MAP Leegem Isl 73 30-8-0Steve Robbins also sat on the tip all day to take second spot with small carp caught on banded pellet with a groundbait feeder.
R Bonson, MAP Leegem Isl 61 26-9-0Richard Bonson finished third overall with a mixed net of carp and skimmers caught on bomb and dead maggot.
W Lomas, MAP Leegem Out 11 26-4-0
A Berisford, MAP Leegem Out 6 20-0-0

30th January 2014 Thursday Veterans Match
MOat Pool, 25 pegs
R Holmes, Notts AA Out 97 41-4-0Roger Holmes edged first place with a net of carp caught on a pellet feeder using hairrigged corn and meat as hookbaits.
M Edgecombe, MAP Leegem Out 76 40-0-0Mal Edgecombe took second spot with some nice cafrp caught on pellet cone fished just past his long pole line.
N Wood, MAP Leegem Isl 38 35-6-0Nigel Wood caught carp and bream on feeder and pole using pellet and maggot to take third place today.
L Hewison, MAP Leegem Isl 5 32-12-0
I Temple, Retford Out 72 32-2-0

27th January 2014 Monday Veterans Costcutter
Bridge Pool – 12 pegs
I Temple, Retford Out 53 38-3-0Ian Temple was todays clear winner with carp and silverfish caught on the pole at 12m using expander pellet and maggots
R Holmes, Notts AA Isl 4 17-12-0Roger Holmes finished second also fishing the pole using expander pellet over feed pellets to catch carp and bream
N Wood, MAP Leegem Out 37 11-0-0Nigel Wood edged third place with a net of all skimmers caught on maggot and worm over groundbait.