Monday 31st December 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft New Years Eve

Moat Pool (15 Pegs)

1 G Mumby, Hallcroft, Peg Island 67; 59-3-0Gary Mumby won this new years eve match on moat pool from island peg 67. Gary fished groundbait feeder with micro pellets and hair rigged corn for 8 carp and a few skimmer bream
2 J Thomas, Mnasfield, Peg Island 57; 53-14-0Jason opted to alternate pelet and maggot on long pole for 7 carp and 8lb of silverfish
3 P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks, Peg Isand 61; 34-10-0Pete Bagshaw also used feeder tactics for his carp weight of 34lb
4 S Richards, Peg One, 19-14-0 5 G Gibson,Worksop, 18-8-0 

Tuesday 1st January 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Croft (10 Pegs)

1 A Oldham, Maltby, Peg 19; 51-4-0With the continued milder weather both reasonable weights of carp and silvers were caught on croft pool. Andy Oldham led the field from peg 19. Andy fished feeder with groundbait and hair rigged corn and meat for carp to 5lb
2 M Hall, Tuxford, Peg 27; 44-10-0Mick Hall drew corner peg 27 and opted to fish maggot over micro pellet for carp and tench to 2lb
3 A Payling, Peg One, Peg 8; 31-12-0Arnie fished pole and pellet at 11m for mainly skimmers to 2lb
4 G Mumby, Hallcroft, 23-10-0 5 J Barningham, Lincoln, 22-14-0 

Thursday 3rd January 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Bridge/Croft Pools (30 Pegs)

1 A Payling, Peg One, Peg Bridge Outer 51; 96-7-0Again milder conditions improved weights for this latest veterans on bridge and croft pools. Romping to victory was Arnie Payling who alternated bomb and maggot and waggler for 23 carp to 6lb
2 G Gibson, Worksop, Peg Island 26; 59-14-0Gordon Gibson came second from peg 26 on Bridge Island. Gordon fished 4mm expander over micro feeed at 13m for carp to 8lb
3 T Furby, Notts AA, Peg Island 23; 34-12-0Trevor also used pole and pellet to good effect for his third place finish
4 S Twigg, Leegem, 31-10-0 5 I Donaldson, Veterans, 30-2-0 

Friday 4th January 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Moat Island (10 Pegs)

1 J Thomas, Mansfield, Peg 64; 109-14-0Jason Thomas broke the ton barrier for the first time this year with 109lb. Jason fished feeder with groundbait and micros with hair rigged corn for 16 carp to 8lb
2 M Hall, Tuxford, Peg Island 40; 91-4-0Mick Hall drew end peg 40 and opted for long pole and pellet feeding micros and 4mm for carp to 8lb
3 D Oldham, Maltby, Peg Island; 59-14-0Daz also fished long pole and pellet for his near 60lb net
4 A Lakey, Gateford, 35-8-0 5 R Teigh, Hnadsworth, 32-10-0 

Saturday 5th January 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Carp/Silver Open Match
Moat Pool 21 pegs

1st A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 79-8-0; peg out 55Andy Oldham took first place overall with a decent net of winter carp all caught on double hairrigged corn on a feeder down the middle of the lake.
2nd S Gray, Worksop, 74-10-0; peg isl 40Stuart Gray finished a close second with carp too 8lbs caught on the pole at 11m using expander pellet and corn over feed pellets.
3rd J Thomas, Peg One, 59-12-0; peg isl 60Jason Thomas continued his good run with third overall and first place in the silverfish match catching 22-8-0 of skimmers and the rest carp using long pole and pellets.
4th A Kinder, Maver Marukyu, 49-0-0; 

Sunday 6th January 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Open Match

Croft/Canal 22 pegs

1st P Wright, MAP Leegem, 81-7-0; peg Canal 20Phil Wright edged the win today with a nice net of small carp caught using 4mm expander pellet over micro feed pellets at 10m on the pole.
2nd G Westwater, MAP Leegem, 78-0-0; peg Canal 12Graham Westwater finished second fishing similar tactics to the winner, but falling a couple of carp short on the day.
3rd S Gray, Worksop, 69-13-0; Canal 2Stuart Gray fished pellet and corn at 10m on the pole to finish third.
4th A Lakey, Worksop AS, 36-2-0; 5th N Vernon, Gainsborough, 32-9-0;  

Sunday 6th January 2013, Daiwa Hallcroft Teams of 4 Silverfish League Round 7

Moat/Bridge 32 pegs

1st P Morgan, Little John Bandits, 27-7-0; peg m isl 40Phil Morgan was the convincing winner today and lead his team to victory overall in today’s match. Phil netted mainly skimmer bream fishing pellet and maggot on the pole at 12m.
2nd B Holmes, Trentmen, 22-3-0; peg b out 41;Ben Holmes fished maggot over groundbait at 13m to catch a mixed net of silvers for second place today.
3rd L Sears, Daiwa Marukyu, 20-5-0; peg b out 18;

Luke Sears finished third with a net of skimmers caught at 12m using expander pellet over feed pellets.
M Brownell, Bandits, 19-6-0; 5th K Baxter, Mosborough, 16-9-0; 

Winning Team on the Day – Little John Bandits 7 pts