Monday 9th July 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft veterans Bridge (17 Pegs) 1 S Gray, Worksop , Peg Outer 17; 85-4-0 Stuart fished paste over pellets at 11m for carp to 8lb and later switched to the margins for some double figure carp on catmeat over groundbait 2 D Whiting, Buttonhole AC; Peg Island 19; 68-12-0 Dave fished maggots over groundbait at 7m for a mixed net of carp and skimmers and second place 3 D Sewell, James Maude AC; Peg 1; 67-2-0 Dave alternated meat and pellet both long and short pole for his mixed bag of carp and skimmers 4 R Turner, Retford, 57-14-0   5 K Pacey, Gainsborough, 53-14-0 Tuesday 10th July 2012 Daiwa Hllcroft Afternoon Open Moat Island (26 Pegs) 1 J Masson, Maver/Maryuku; Peg 26; 67-12-0 With the continual up and down change in weather conditions fishing has been tougher than of late. However there was still a tight match with only a couple of fish separating the top 5. Jamie fished meat and dead maggot over groundbait, short and down the edge for caro to 7lb 2 P Schoof, Hallcroft, Peg 58; 59-15-0 Paul fished paste over pellet at 12m for mainly carp to 8lb 3 D Oldham, Maltby, Peg 29; 53-14-0 Daz fished shallow with meat at 13m for his carp dominated net 4 M Hall, Tuxford, 53-10-0                  5 S Gray, Worksop; 53-6-0 Thursday 12th July 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open Bridge/Croft Pools (41 Pegs) 1 D Sewell, James Maude AC; Croft Peg 25; 58-14-0 Dave Sewell continued his good form with this latest victory. Dave fished meat at 11m and into the margins for carp to 5lb and 30lb of tench. 2 S Twigg, Map Leegem; Peg Croft 27; 56-10-0 Steve fished into the marginal reeds with corn and pellet for 5 carp and 30lb of tench to 3lb 3 R Turner, Retford, Peg Bridge Out 13, 50-12-0 Reg fished shallow with waggler and pole for carp to 8lb 4 K Noble, Retford, 50-10-0               5 P Schoof, Hallcroft, 47-14-0 13th July 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open Moat Outer (31 Pegs) 1 M Hall, Tuxford, Peg 110; 122-0-0 Mick Hall drew flyer peg 110 on moat outer and broke the ton with 122lb of carp to 9lb. Mick fished corn and pellet short and also over groundbait down the margins for double figure fish 2 S Gray, Worksop, Peg 52; 103-11-0 Stuart continued his good form with this second place finish. Stuart fished paste at 13m over epllets and hemp for 18 carp to 8lb 3 S Shepherd, Map Leegem, Peg 95; 99-8-0 Steve fished long pole with meat for 20lb of skimmers and 11 carp to 8lb 4 J Masson, Maver/Maryuku, 74-4-0       5 P Miles, Doncaster, 70-12-0 14th July 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open  Moat Island (19 Pegs) 1 S Gray, Worksop, Peg 64; 105-7-0 Stuart just got the verdict in this latest saturday open on moat pool. Stuart fished his usual paste over pellet at 13m for 17 carp to 8lb 2 P Bagshaw, Barnsley Blacks, Peg 68; 104-4-0 Pete fished pellet cone with corn and meat hairrigged on his pole line feeding regularly with hemp and pellet for 16 carp and a few skimmers 3 R Whilton, Worksop Juniors; Peg 38; 91-12-0 Ray fished worms and maggots over pellets and groundbait in the margins for carp to 11lb 4 S Clark, Mansfield, 66-12-0                  5 P Mcintyre, BaitTech, 65-0-0