Monday 25th June 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Bridge Outer (14 Pegs)
1 R Holmes, Notts AA, Peg 49; 46-14-0
Roger fished banded 6mm hard pellet over 4mm feed for 3 carp and 30lb of skimmers upto 2lb
2 M Cordall, Retford, Peg 19; 42-12-0
Mark alternated corn, pellet and meat on short pole for 1 carp and 35lb of skimmers
3 R Brooks, Sheffield, Peg 36; 28-15-0
Ron also caught skimmers and roach for his weight of 28lb
4 J Simms, Map Leegem, 27-14-0 5 G Hiley, Mansfield, 22-12-0
Tuesday 26th June 2012 Daiwa Halllcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Outer (25 Pegs)
1 A Oldham, Maltby, Peg 10; 156-10-0
Andy Oldham blitzed this tuesday field with an impressive 150lb plus weight. Andy fished pellet cone with micros and 4mm pellets and used punched meat on the hook for 30 carp to 8lb
2 S Robbins, Hallcroft, Peg 27; 71-12-0
Steve Robbins opted for corn and pellet on short pole and caught carp to 10lb and a few skimmers for second place
3 A Richards, Browning, Peg 103; 64-12-0
Adam fished meat on long pole and on short pole for 12 carp to 7lb
4 R Abbs, Hallcroft, 62-12-0 5 R Fackerall, Map Leegem, 59-12-0
Thursday 28th June 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans Open
Bridge/Croft Pools (36 Pegs)
1 P Schoof, Hallcroft, Peg Croft 27; 65-4-0
Paul Schoof continued his good form with this latest victory from croft peg 27. Fishing into the marginal reeds with corn and paste over pellet Paul caught carp to 5lb and a few tench
2 R Toulson, Notts AA, Peg Croft 10; 40-2-0
Second was Roy Toulson also off Croft pool. Roy fished pellet and corn at 8m for 4 carp and 20lb of silvers
3 C Perry, Sensas Leicester, Peg Bridge Isl 7; 37-14-0
Colin fished waggler shallow and pole and pellet long for carp to 8lb and skimmers to 2lb
4 G Hiley, Mansfield, 34-12-0 5 N Wood, Hallcroft, 32-12-0

Friday 29th June 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Afternoon Open
Moat Pool (30 Pegs)
1 D Whiting, Button Hole AC; Peg Outer 46; 129-12-0
Fishing as been tougher than of late, however there still has been some reasonable weights coming from Moat pool. Dave Whiting found the carp willing to feed from outer peg 46. Dave fished paste over pellet and hemp and meat in the margins for carp to 8lb
2 M Cordall, Retford, Peg Island 39; 86-2-0
Mark opted for meat on long and short pole and caught a mixed net of carp to9lb and skimmers to 3lb
3 D Oldham, Maltby; Peg Outer 75; 72-15-0
Daz used pellet cone on his pole line with hair rigged pellet and meat for carp to 10lb
4 S Clark, Mansfield, 64-14-0 5 A Oldham, Maltby, 63-11-0
30th June 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat Outer (21 Pegs)
1 G Mumby, Hallcroft, Peg 9; 156-12-0
The top 3 all weighed in excess of 100lb in this latest match on moat pool. Leading the way was local angler Gary Mumby. Gary fished shallow with meat at 14m and later worm and corn over groundbait for 27 carp up to 9lb
2 S Gray, Worksop, Peg 14; 123-12-0
Stuart fished pellet cone with micros and corn on the hook for initial carp and later switched to margins fo 8 more carp on catmeat over pellet
3 S Quibbell, Hallcroft, Peg 19; 106-14-0
Steve also used shallow tactics at 13m with pellet and meat for 25 carp to 8lb
4 D Whiting, Buttonhole AC; 89-6-0 5 G Gibson, Worksop, 69-14-0
1st July 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open
Moat Outer, Canal and Bridge Island (44 Pegs)
1 S Marshall, Map Leegem, Peg Bridge Isl 13; 109-2-0
There were some impressive weights for this well attended Sunday match. Steve Marshall just got the verdict from bridge Island 13. Steve fished pellet and corn at 6m and later corn over groundbait in the margins for 35lb of skimmers and 10 carp to 10lb
2 N Vernon, Gainsborough, Peg Canal 10; 106-2-0
Neil fished paste over pellet at 6m for a steady run of small carp upto 3lb
3 A Beresford, Map Leegem, Peg Bridge Isl; 100-12-0
Arthur fished meat on short pole for 40lb of skimmers to 3lb and 9 carp for his ton plus weight
4 B Sullivan, Maltby, 93-12-0 5 J Masson, Maver/Maryuku; 89-8-0