Monday, 17th June 2013, Veterans Costcutter 
Bridge/Croft. 22 pegs 
1st D Whiting, Button Hole AC, 79-10-0; B Out 11 Dave Whiting fished paste on the pole at 9m over a bed of hemp and 4mm feed pellets to win this Monday match with a nice net of carp and bream.
2nd G Hiley, Mansfield, 46-6-0; peg Isl 19 Geoff Hiley took the close second spot with carp and skimmers caught on expander pellets and corn at 12m on the pole.
3rd J Simms, MAP Leegem, 45-14-0; peg Croft 6 Joe Simms fished expander pellet over 4mm feed pellets at 9m to catch Tench, Bream and Carp for third place.
4th N Wood, MAP Leegem, 44-2-0;  
5th R Turner, Retford, 43-10-0; 

Tuesday, 18th June 2013, Tuesday PM Costcutter.
Moat Outer, 31 pegs.
1st D Whiting, Button Hole AC, 96-10-0; peg 43 Dave Whiting continued his good form with another victory day. Dave once again used soft Paste to great effect catching carp and bream to finish with just short of the ton.
2nd G Leversidge, Marukyu, 79-2-0; peg 22 Gavin Leversidge fished 6mm cubed Luncheon meat, shallow on the pole at 13m to catch carp and bream for second place.
3rd M Watson, MAP Leegem, 63-8-0; peg 13 Martin Watson edged the close third place with carp and silver’s caught on dead maggot over groundbait on the pole at 6m.
4th L Hewison, Hallcroft, 61-2-0; 
5th T Bucknall, Leeds, 60-0-0;

Thursday 20th June 2013, Veterans Open Match.
Bridge/Croft 35pegs
1st P Bagshaw, Barnsley, 90-12-0; peg B Out 21 Pete Bagshaw was today’s clear winner with a nice net of carp and bream. Pete fished a pellet cone to the middle of bridge pool to catch all his fish.
2nd A Berisford, MAP Leegem, 61-12-0; peg B Out 58 Arthur Berisford fished double corn over pellets and groundbait to the margins to catch all carp for second spot today.
3rd D Clegg, Britannia, 52-2-0; peg B Isl 1 Dick Clegg fished pellet and meat on a short pole line to take third place from island peg 1.
4th D Sewell, Notts A A, 48-10-0;  
5th I Temple, Retford, 38-2-0

Friday, 21st June 2013, PM Open Match
Moat Outer, 27 pegs
1st D Newman, MAP Leegem, 86-8-0; peg 47 In what turned out a tough match, Daz Newman opted for the right tactics as he claimed a clear victory this afternoon. Daz fished paste on the pole at 11m to catch carp and skimmers.
2nd A Berisford, MAP Leegem, 57-8-0; peg 51 Arthur Berisford took second place with a nice mixed net of carp and bream caught on short pole with maggots and casters.
3rd G Gibson, Worksop AS, 51-14-0; peg 92 Gordon Gibson edged the close third spot with carp caught on catmeat from the margins.
4th M Cooke, Retford, 50-8-0; 
5th R Abbs, Hallcroft, 48-11-0.

Saturday, 22nd June 2013, Open Match
Bridge Pool, 18 pegs.
1st J Kelly, Kelly’s Stores, 114-12-0; peg Out 52 John Kelly a today’s close match on Bridge. John fished meat shallow on the pole at 12m to catch carp and silver’s for a nice ton plus net.
2nd D Oldham, Maltby, 112-0-0; peg Isl 13 Daz Oldham also caught shallow on the pole today, but he used 6mm banded feed pellets as bait to claim second with another ton plus weight.
3rd G Gibson, Worksop AS, 110-2-0, peg Isl 16 Gordon Gibson fished catmeat on the pole at 12m and to the margins to catch his third place net.
4th P Bagshaw, Barnsley, 71-14-0; 
5th A Oldham, Halkon Hunt, 71-6-0; D Dare, Marukyu, 70-12-0.

Sunday, 23rd June 2013, Open Match
Moat/Bridge Island, 45 pegs
1st G Mumby, Retford, 101-14-0; peg Isl 5 On a blustery day at Hallcroft, Gary Mumby battled the wind fishing paste on a short pole line to catch carp steadily throughout the match. Gary finished with just over the ton mark to claim the victory with the added bonus of a  300 Golden Peg to sweeten his day.
2nd G Gibson, Worksop AS, 87-14-0; peg Out 37 Gordon Gibson continued his good recent form with second place. Gordon caught today fishing a pellet cone to the middle of Moat where he caught carp and bream.
3rd J Thomas, Subfish, 82-10-0; peg Isl 2 Jason Thomas fished pellet and corn to the margins to net carp too 8lbs in his third place net.
4th I Temple, Retford, 76-0-0;  
5th N Vernon, Gainsborough, 73-12-0; 6th D Boswell, Bryden, 69-4-0.