Monday 19th March 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets OpenBridge Outer 15 Pegs1 R Turner (Retford), Peg 12, 43-0-0Local angler Reg Turner won this popular monday vets match.

Reg fished long pole with expander pellet over micros and 4mm feed pellet. Reg caught carp to 8lb and skimmers to 2lb.2 P Schoof (Leeds), Peg 49, 41-8-0Paul alternated pellet and paste at 11m for 8 carp upto 8lb3 D Whiting (Buttonhole AC), Peg 52, 30-6-0Dave opted for a caster and worm approach and caught a mixed bag of silvers for his 30lb plus weight4 L Richmond (Bircotes), 29-10-0 5 K Pacey (Gainsborough), 28-12-0

Thursday 22nd March 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Vets OpenBrdige/ Croft Pools (42 Pegs)1 J Simms (Chesterfield), Croft peg 27, 63-12-0Joe Simms blitzed this welll attended Veterans open with 63lb. Joe fished hair-rigged pellet on short pole and in the margins for 10 carp and also adde 15lb of tench and skimmers2 P Schoof (Leeds), Croft peg 4, 44-8-0Paul continued his good form with this second place. Paul also used pellet but expanders over micros at 12m for 3 carp and 25lb of tench to 2lb.3 D Downes (Killamarsh), Br Island 14, 34-6-0Dave secured third place with an impresssive all skimmer net. Dave alternated pellet and caster at 11m4 D Clegg (Brittannia), 29-6-0 5 R Brooks (Sheffield), 29-4-0

Friday 23rd March 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft OpenMoat pool (15 pegs)1 D Oldham (Maltby), peg Island 14, 51-2-0Daz Oldham won this friday open with just over 50lb. Dz fished pellet shallow and on the bottom for 9 carp and a few skimmers2 K Baxter (Sheffield) , peg outer 89, 40-4-0Kev fished maggots and pellets for 25lb of skimmers and 2 carp3 D Whiting (Buttonhole AC), peg Island 10, 40-0-0Dave also fished pellet for his 40lb weight.4 R Fackerall (Chesterfield), 31-12-0 5 S Birkemshaw (Chesterfield), 30-0-0

Saturday 24th March 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft OpenMoat (25 pegs)1.G Mumby, Retford, peg island 26; 74-6-0With the carp starting to wake from their winter rest weights have improved on Moat Pool. Gary Mumby fished meat long and short for 6 carp and 15lb of skimmers for the win2.L Sears, Daiwa, peg island 23; 59-0-0Second was Luke Sears who fished maggot over groundbait for a 50/50 split of carp and skimmers3. S Clark, Mansfield Sensas, peg outer 75; 54-12-0Steve Clark fished similarly for a mixed bag4 D Boswell, Retford, 48-12-05 W Lomas, MAP Leegem, 44-6-06 S Gray, Worksop, 44-0-0

Sunday 25th March 2012 Map Leegem Marukyu LeagueMoat Pool (60 Pegs)1 P Elliott (Map Leegem), peg Outer 27; 134-12-0Paul Elliott made it 3 wins and 3 ton plus weight s in as many weeks. Paul continued from last week fishing up in the water at 14m with meat and pellet for 2o plus carp well into double figures.2 S Shepherd (Map Leegem), Peg Island 29; 107-6-0Steve shepherd also broke the ton with 107lb. Steve alternated paste at 11m and waggler with pellet shallow also for a carp dominated net.3 D Oldham (Maltby), Peg Outer 6; 84-13-0Daz fished shallow and into the marginal reeds for 14 carp to 11lb4 M Stanhope (Map Leegem), 64-7-0 5 J Elliott (Map Leegem), 60-3-0 P Wright (Map Leegem), 56-13-0

Sunday 25th March 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open Croft/ Canal (21 Pegs)1 S Gray (Worksop), Peg Canal 7; 64-12-0Stuart Gray opted for a paste over pellet approach on canal pool and caught small carp to 2lb steadily throughout the match for his victory2 D Dare (Marukyu), Peg Canal 9; 59-2-0Dave Dare fished across with krilled maggots also for small carp to 3lb3 A Oldham (Maver), Peg Croft 25; 58-2-0Andy Oldham was best weight off croft with 58lb. Andy fished shallow at 13m with pellet and meat.4 I Donaldson (Doncaster), 55-14-0 5 M Brownhall (Sheffield), 49-12-0 6 L Hardwick (Sheffield) 46-2-0