Thursday 21st March 2013 Daiwa Hallcroft Veterans

Moat Pool (31 Pegs)

1 T Brown, Map Leegem, Peg Outer 101; 32-2-0

Tony Brown kept up his good run of form with this latest victory. Tony fished bomb with pellet cone and hair rigged double corn to catch his 5 carp which included a nice 8lb linear mirror.
2 M Cordall, Hallcroft, Peg Outer 94; 31-12-0

Mark also used tip tactics but alternated between punched luncheon meat and banded pellet on a hair rig for his net of all carp
3 A Berisford, Map Leegem, Peg Island 2; 27-15-0

Arthur fished corn over 4mm feed pellet to the marginal reeds at 12m on the pole and caught carp up to 6lb.
Saturday 23rd March 2013 Daiwa Hallcorft Open

Moat Pool (12 Pegs)

1 R Walker, Map Leegem, Peg Outer 104; 20-10-0

Bitterly winds and snow made conditions far from ideal for this small saturday open. Robin Walker fished pellet cone with hair rigged corn for 2 carp for 20lb

2 G Gibson, Worksop, Peg Outer 96; 12-12-0

Gordon Gibson fished straight bomb with punched meat for his 2 carp and second place

3 G Wilde, Fishing Republic, Peg Outer 100; 8-2-0

Geoff caught 1 carp for 8lb 12oz

Sunday 24th March 2012 Daiwa Hallcroft Open

Bridge Pool (12 Pegs)

1 D Oldham, Maltby, Peg Outer 37; 18-2-0

Bitterly easterly winds made fishing very difficult for this latest open on bridge pool. Daz Oldham struggled with pole and pellet at 10m for 2 carp and a few skimmers
2 J Barningham, Lincoln, Peg Outer 49; 5-12-0

John Barningham fished bomb with pellet cone for one pull and 5lb 12oz

3 P Mcintyre, BaitTech; Peg Island 6; 5-4-0

Paul fished feeder with maggot for skimmers and third place

Sunday 24th March Map Leegem Spring League RD 3

Moat Pool (60 Pegs)

1 W Lomas, Map Leegem, Peg Outer 9; 43-2-0

Once again the weather continues to play it’s part with the bitter easterly wind making pole fishing almost impossible for majority of the field today.

Wayne Lomas found a few carp willing to feed on a cold wind swept moat pool. Wayne fished pellet cone with micro feed pellets and used hair rigged luncheon meat as hook bait. Wayne cast to the middle of the lake to catch carp to 8lb plus in his winning net.
2 S Marshall, Map Leegem, peg Island 63; 33-2-0

Steve also used a pellet cone to good effect. Steve caught just 4 carp with the biggest specimen weighing 14lb.
3 M Bowskill, Map Leegem, Peg Island 60; 23-11-0

Martin fished a small pellet feeder with micros and hair rigged corn for 4 carp and the odd skimmer bream and third place.

4 L Hewison, Hallcroft, 19-10-0 5 G Gibson, Worksop, 15-15-0 6 N Vernon, Gainsborough

7 L Wright, Map Leegem 8 D Robbins, Map Leegem